Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Sims Medieval

I had 777 posts but well, I want to write something so ok...

In about an hour I'm having a test of Literature, so I'll be quick...

2 days ago I found out about Sims Medieval, almost by accident, and I got shocked!
Middle Ages is my favourite time period and the chance to live some of it with Sims (3) is sooo cool, I can't wait!
The bad thing is with all that studying I have for the rest 1 and a half month I'm not allowed [by myself mainly] to not even daydream about it!!
It's awful! At least I know on 10th June I'll probably be able to enjoy it!
I'm already imagining the plots I'll set up... :D
I'll probably won't play much Sims 3 from now on, but anyway! :p

The Site of The Sims Medieval

Hero types

Players will be able to control several types of 'heroes', or professions. Each will have different abilities and responsibilities. These include:

* Monarchs will control the kingdom and be able to deal with neighboring kingdoms diplomatically. They can engage in duels, marry important NPCs, and issue proclamations or edicts.
* Wizards can enchant or fight using their spells, which are learned from a large spellbook and include motions which must be memorized.
* Spies can poison other Sims, or steal for the kingdom.
* Priests come in two varieties, Peteran and Jacobian. Peteran Priests follow a simpler path and try to convert Sims with uplifting sermons. Jacobian Priests use fear as a conversion tool, and wear expensive clothing.
* Blacksmiths use ore mined in the kingdom to produce armor and arms.
* Physicians are expected to keep people healthy using period technology, particularly leeches.
* Knights can train for strength and endurance and are used to conquer new lands.
* Merchants have access to foreign goods and trade opportunities.
* Bards can recite poetry and play lute music for other Sims.


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