Friday, 30 March 2012


I'm not sure I have mentioned it but I've started lessons of Tango at the university.
Anyway, the point is that with every passing week I get more and more hooked to it.
It's an amazing dance, and, although we are still learning the basics I'll try not to miss a lesson! Except for the one next week. But I'll be very far away to attend, so, anyway!
I wanted everyone to take a taste of Tango!

Here is a sample of that awesome dance. Combined with my favorite dancer. Not exactly, and only, a dancer, but she does dance better than most of the people I have in mind.
I'm talking about Nicole Scherzinger.
I don't know if what they dance is exactly your typical tango, but I just love it.


Wednesday, 28 March 2012


I was roaming in Animal Discovery Online today, and I found out about this so beautiful wildcat!
It's called Ocelot, and it is so cute!

Ow, I just can't stop looking at it!


A Spring Quiz

Well, spring has finally come (although this week the weather has once again become cloudy and ready to pour down on us rain anytime) and what's better than some spring quizzes?
My favorite site for this purpose is Quizilla, which I've known for quite some time!
It also has a fair amount of stories, polls, and even my favorite type, interactive stories!
You know what this is?
Stories that are written in the form of quizzes. That means that you 'play' the main character and get to decide which course of action the story will take! Well, almost... Usually the most important decision you get to make on this certain website's quiz/stories is which male (or, anyway, a member of the opposite gender) you will hook up with.
Interactive books are better, I guess...

The only thing that has changed since I first found this site is, well, me.
Or, rather, the way I'm now more aware of quizzes, tests and how they are made.
Also, the statistical way with which the results are calculated.
You see, as a psychologist-to-be, I'm obligated to learn all these. And, I don't object. I like it.

But, if you don't know much about making a good quiz, you should just visit this site, and well, you get to make it and the site automatically will give the results. Very convienient!