Saturday, 28 January 2012

Review for Darkfever by Karen Marie Moning

Phew.. Well, where to start with this book...

This was amazing! I never thought I'd like it so much!
The main heroine is MacKayla, Mac for short, whose name I didn't like in the beginning, but gradually I came to realizing that it's unique, at least for me, just like her! So, it absolutely suits her.

I'm searching for a way to avoid giving away any spoilers, I really do, but I'm not comletely sure I can manage it.
It's just that this book was so different from what I'm used to.
And, from what I was expecting, too.
It was totally better.

It inspired me in many ways, and actually showed us a heroine that isn't a fool. One that doesn't go needy for excitement and adventure. She realizes from the very beginning that it's dangerous, and knows that can't go back to her former life, although she wants it almost more than anything. But, that's what captivated me from the very beginning. That she did want to go back to a simple, boring life. She didn't need a really shocking and traumatizing experience to come to her senses. She was so mature as to realise very fast what's going on.

And, I also enjoyed very much the fact that she wasn't naive.
She knew she couldn't trust anyone.
She might have had Barbie looks, but she's clever.

So, I guess I should talk about Jericho, er Barrons, now.
Hehe, I think 'speechless' pretty much summarizes my feelings.
Anyway, he's not really my type, but, it isn't Mac's either.
And I can totally picture her falling for him in the future, so, I guess I'll just keep on reading and we'll see how it goes. :D

I also liked the way Karen Marie Moning writes, as this is the first of her books I've ever read. I loved the way it was shown as Mac had flashbacks from some years in the future.
So, the aftertaste indeed is a positive one, as I utterly enjoyed this book with the storyline and the heroine.


Sunday, 22 January 2012

Laura und das Labyrinth des Lichts (Laura #6)

Reviewed for the "Reviews from Depth of Time" Marathon.

Reviews from Depth of Time

Well, I read those books awhile ago, and If I'm not wrong this particular day I ended that book (or, it was one of the previous, I've completely mixed the books of the series up, in my mind) I was having a pajama party with my cousin, and I stayed up alone 'till 5am just to end it. So, wow... These books have really affected me!

I decided to hide the rest of what I'm writing because it contains huge spoilers. I don't remember for which book exactly but, seriously, it would be awful to ruin it for anyone!
I just have to pass on my indignation! 

Spoiler Alert frm here on!
Consider yourselves warned!

[I have to admit I liked every single character on these books and one of the few I adored, and wouldn't have mind to see pair up with Laura was Alaric...
AND OH! Did he really have to DIE???
In one of the books, I'm not sure which, but I think it was the fifth one, it is implied that he dies, and when I read that I was actually devastated! I was so depressed.
And then Peter Freund comes and shows Alaric again in the next book! And, after awhile, BOOM, Alaric gets killed, or, anyway it's implied again that he is dead. And, this time it wasn't so cruel because I had already been depressed about that in the next book. But, just like with the previous time, I was waiting, expecting him to show up again! Up until the last page I was hoping, reading with an anxiety.
For the last few years, I've been quite disappointed by that fact, and even though Laura finally got together with Phillip, I still felt a little odd.

Now, there's a seventh book, and I'm really hoping Alaric will appear alive and well. I don't know how, but hope always is the last one to die. (hide spoiler)]


Last Sacrifice (Vampire Academy #6)

Reviewed for the "Reviews from Depth of Time" Marathon.

Reviews from Depth of Time

Wait, wait, wait!
As I was browsing the books I've read and reviewed I couldn't find this one. And, I've been asking myself how could that have been possible?
This is one of the most amazing end-of-series books I've read.
And, of course, it is, seeing as it belongs to the series I love the most. But, still, I couldn't believe I haven't reviewed this. I still can't. I'm thinking that maybe I'll find my review somewhere hidden in my blog. But, anyway...

This was AWESOME!
Throughout the whole book I was really tense hoping that everything will go well for Rose. The situation between her and Dimitri was left in an awkward moment, too. In the beginning I dare say I was a little disappointed by their first interactions, but then of course Richelle Mead cleared completely the situation.

And, now I'd like to say a little something about Adrian, too, but I'm afraid it might contain some spoilers, so consider yourselves warned.

Adrian shares his part of faults in this relationship and I can't really expect him to be surprised with the way things ended up being. He just learned the wrong way, and that's the only reason why I feel sorry for him. But, also he did what he did in the beginning of the book, only to save Rose, and that's why I deeply admire him. Even if before I was almost anti-Adrian, now I'm much calmer and ready to admit each part's fault for this relationship's outcome. And, I'm quite excited to see more of him in the future. But with a different girl. And, I have the exact one in my mind. For Rose only Dimitri is the one and the only! Love like that can be surpassed or avoided, so they can't really help it.

Nevertheless, I was pretty excited with the way this book unfolded and couldn't really believe it. I kept going back and back to read and reread how things advanced to this point. Before I ended the whole book, that is. And, with the end I got even mor excited, although this time it was a bit conflicted. My feelings for the breaking of the bond between Rose and Lissa, were. It was a little strange knowing that things would never be exactly the same for those two again. But, this gave the chance to Rose to be completely with dimitri not fearing all the time that she might suck Lissa's shadows and darkness. As for Lissa, it gave her the chance to privacy. Something she had lost and should have missed!

My personal feelings were a little conflicted towards the end, of course, because from one side all these excited things occurred, but from the other, those series were quickly coming to an end. Every page that I turned was a constant conflict, but a totally pleasant one!

To sum up, this book is absolutely recommended, of course, and offers a great end for the most amazing series.


Vampire Academy (by Richelle Mead)

Reviewed for the "Reviews from Depth of Time" Marathon.

Reviews from Depth of Time

I actually read that book a while ago. Soon, it will be two years. It first got into my hands accidentally one day when I had visited the bookstore. I remember that at the time I was experiencing my vampire-phase, so what really first caught my eye was that word in the title. Then, I noticed the word Academy and thought that it would be a good story. Then I actually had in mind some books I considered to be my favorite and I had got obsessed with boarding schools and that did it. I instantly decided to buy that book. But, I was wrong about one thing... This book wasn't good. It was way more! It was beyond great for me!
But, let's take it one at a time...

Richelle Mead has a unique and amazing ability to write. From the first page she can get you hooked with her unique storylines, her characters, the way she describes things and situations. She can actually make you "see" what the heroes are watching, and experience their exact feelings.

So, that's why Rose made me like her from the first few pages. She is the type of person I admire, and actually would be content to be like her even just for a little. But, also, the way her feelings and the situations she was in, were described, it could really make you experience the exact same things.
When Rose was happy, I was, too. When Rose was upset, I did, too! And, when actually Rose felt in love with someone, I fell along with her, too!

And, that was the magic with her love story. I was unlinke other heroines that fall in love with someone just for their looks. Before they have actually a chance to get to know the other person. For Rose, it was gradual and that made the difference. That's the reason why her love interest is the one and only character I really, trully, deeply love! He's the one, for Rose, and that makes me feel like he's the one character for me, too! Always special, always unique.
The one I compare with every other guy I read about.

All in all, I should say that when I first laid hands on Vampire Academy I didn't have a standard. I didn't actually have a book that has mesmerized me that much that I start comparing with every single piece of work I read. I only had some major favorites. That's not the case anymore.
Due to this book, now I have very high standards for every single story I can get my hands to. I have even found that many books on my favorites' shelf don't really deserve to have a place next to my all time favorite and her story. I know it's unfair, but I do actually give a chance to other authors and stories. And, of course, other series from Richelle Mead haven't amazed me as much.
It's just this one for me. The one book and series that fit my personality completely. But, I still hope that someone someday will give me an equal, if not bigger, satisfaction!

So, never stopping reading for me! I suggest that to everyone!


The Marathon's end.

The Reviews from Depth of Time Marathon has ended, and I have to admit that I finally got the chance to write all the reviews from some very favorite books of mine. I was postponing it for quite some time, but now I had absolutely no excuses! I'll post here some of my favorite books' reviews, but mainly I'll just recitate the reviews I wrote in overall during those 48 hours.

My first goal was to write reviews for all 6 books of my favorite series Vampire Academy, and thankfully I succeded it, although th most important ones, in my opinion are the ones of the first and the last.
Other series I wanted needed to talk about were Laura, another one of my favorites, The Mediator series, His Dark Materials, Stray, Airhead, My Soul to Take and Hush Hush. I also liked to say something about W.I.T.C.H. the comic book which stole my heart when I was younger. Hehe. Last, but not least the graphic novel Ma vie est tout à fait fascinante.

All in all, I wrote 19 reviews, something that made me very happy and elevated my reviews to 33.
Of course, I still have much way to go, but it was a good start to focus only on books I've read in the past and never reaally got a chance to say my opinion about.

OH! And, most importantly? If I hadn't decided to start writing those kinds of reviews I wouldn't have learned that a 7th book of Laura came out in 2011! YAY! I'm so excited! *w*


Friday, 20 January 2012

VA love. Scratch that... Addiction!

I've started reviewing books I'd long ago read for the "Reviews from Depth of Time" Marathon, and thought it would be a good idea to provide an update about it.
The thing is, I started with the books I like the best. Which means that I just finished reviewing the Vampire Academy books. Well, I still can't really believe I hadn't written a review for Last Sacrifice, the last installment in the VA series. I can't understand why.

But, anyway, I decided to publish this book because of exactly the reason why I decided to start this Marathon.
Even if I didn't read all those books again from the beginning, just digging inside my memories and heart for the right things to say about them, was an awesome experience.
I got a unique to chance to experience all these feelings all over again, something I truly enjoyed.

And, some minutes ago I realized that by the time I stopped writing the review and actually published it, I had a dreamful expression on. Identical of the one I had when I actually finished reading this book and those seriess, in general. All this relief for Rose and Dimitri comes out again.

And, of course, just like this day on July when I first finished the last book on the VA series, I feel once again that I can't really get into another book for awhile. After such an experience  it seems pretty useless to try to concentrate on a storyline after still feeling all those things just for one book.

But, this time, I don't have the same luxury.
What must be done, must be done, and, I'll give myself just a small break because I go back to reviewing books I'd read some time ago!


Thursday, 19 January 2012

"Reviews from Depth of Time" Marathon

Lately, I've been thinking about all the books I've read and never actually got a chance to write a review about them. There are thoughts I have for every single book I've ever read and I decided it would be a good idea to share them, even now. Even after much time has passed since I first read them. The majority of the books I was thinking about when the idea first hit me, is on my "favorites" shelf. Books that I read before I even had an account on Goodreads. Books that have marked me. They were my companions. In summers and weekends. Whenever I had time. Pleading for the time they were going to be released to come any faster. Among the pages of all those books I've found pieces of myself. Pieces I don't want to lose and certainly not to forget.

So, this marathon, I decided, would give me a pretty good motivation to go back so many memories and daydream about all the sentiments they offered me. Some of these books are for children, some for young adults, but when it comes to actually good pieces of work, the only outcome can be admiration and companionship.

That's the reason why I will write some Reviews, now, from a Depth of Time, for mainly books that marked me. They are creations that never actually leave my mind. I will probably write reviews, also for books that didn't really do that much of a click to me as much as others did, but the point is to write about the feelings they inspired to me. Because, I don't read books just for fun, at least not most of the time. I like really being in the heroes' situations and living what they do. If a book can really inspire that to me, then it's a memorable one.

For all these reasons, and many more, I'd also like it very much if other reviewers would want to participate in that Marathon. It will last 48 hours (from 19.1.2012 7pm to 21.1.2012 7pm) and at the end I will share in my blog my favorite reviews, signed by the reviewer.


2011 Year in Review

I had planned to make a review of the most important events that took place in 2011, too!
But, didn't find the time...

Well, enjoy this one.

Wow, we became 7 billion... Oof...
Aren't we too heavy for planet earth? :/

xcx (Official)

CLICK click click quickly!

It's so awesome!
You can hear the rain and see the clouds and the drops...
So, cool!

I love rain, but I'd never imagined that I could experience it so completely (well, almost) just by clicking on a link. It's fantastic, but also weird. Wouldn't it make me get bored if I could listen to it whenever I wanted?

Gosh, suddenly my internet connection stuck and the sound of rain stopped. The result?? My ears feel weird now... :/ Like there was something blocking my hearing...
Another disadvantage, I guess...

But, on the other side, doesn't it make you thankful that we have the unique chance to live in a historical era like this one??
Isn't it wonderful that everything we need, we can just type it on our laptop and quickly find it?
Internet has been a great invention, although it hides many dangers.

If there were time machines and people from the past where able to come to our time and day, I'm not sure thy could survive long enough... :/

Anyway, I'll stop rambling now, before the situation goes off hand! :D


Wednesday, 11 January 2012

My review for "Kitty & The Midnight Hour"

While reading that book I actually felt so many conflicting emotions.
But, mainly, I was looking for a way to post a review spoiler-less...
Because, what's the point of all those reviews if future readers can't actually read them?
So, my opinion on this book will be short, but I just need to share my thoughts.

The fact that amazed me in the most part, about this book, was the psychological and personality development of the heroine through the book and her experiences.
Chapter after chapter, you thought she was getting stronger and stronger, prouder and prouder.
I actually got very proud of her myself!
I have to admit, at the beginning I didn't really think of her personality very fondly. She just wasn't the type of the protagonist you usually imagine and like to read about. Kitty Norville used to be a girl that just left things the way they are. Didn't mind being treated badly if it meant she wouldn't be on anyone's bad side or harmed. Kitty was a scaredy cat!

But, I'm amazed to say that all this changed, and I got so excited about it. Even though there was too much brutal violence for my liking in some parts, I just avoided picturing those specific images with details inside my head. And, don't worry. It was just two to three places that actually had me grimacing. And, I really don't like violence, so yeah...

So, I totally recommend it to any werewolf fans.
It was a really good read for me, and I ended the book in about 6 hours.

I hope I didn't give much away.
Only a hint. Why all the good guys have to be gay? ;D (A general impression... Or not.)


Thursday, 5 January 2012

I'm heading to Crazytown, along with Bella.

My sweet blog is soon to reach 8000 pageviews, and I'm nearly mad.
I'll be a mad scientist. Ugh. I can't be a mad psychologist. Not fair for my clients...
But, anyway!

After my ramble, I have to make an announcement.
I just discovered something fabulous. My friends will be proud of me!

Bella Swan (lately, Bella Swan-Cullen) suffers from Flat affect!

Think I'm just being crazy? Nuh-uh!
Check it out.

Flat affect is an emotional state where virtually no emotion is expressed whatever the stimulus. Emotional expressiveness is blunt, or lack of muscle tone is noted in the face.

(Taken from the notes of my Clinical Psychology professor.)

Actually, the other day, we were talking about Bella with my (totally crazy, psychologists-to-be) friends, after we watched Breaking Dawn / Part I . To be more specific we were commenting on her tendency to be so unexpressive, no matter what she does.
Bella meets Edward, the man of her dreams, blah blah blah, she remains blunt.
She becomes his girlfriend, the same.
She has an accident and the vampires of the house want to attack her, more bluntness.
Someone tries to murder her, you guessed it! Blunt.
She gets married, with a passive expression on, of course!
She shares more intimate moments with Edward, and again blunt.
She learns she's pregnant, TA DA, if you haven't guessed she stays blunt.

Thank God, while in pain she has a less passive expression on. But, still, not quite close to energetic.
So, we were wondering how people can really be on Team Bella.
I gave you quite a few examples of her passiveness.
And, those are only what you can see. Imagine combining with some of her actions, too!
Ugh. The only energetic thing she ever did, in my opinion, was her persistence on staying close to Edward. But, other than that? Nothing.
I'm not gonna say more, because I respect all those Twilight fans, and all the people that haven't read the whole series, yet. Don't want to ruin it for them.

So, if you haven't really guessed what team I'm voting for, take a hint by the photo. Rose is the #1 heroine of all time, for me. She is the exact opposite of Bella, and I deeply admire her for that. And, of course, I understand she passed through a Bella-phase, as many people called it, but come on. It was nothing like New Moon. While I loath that book and the behavior of its heroine in it, we have to admit that Rose had some similarities with her through that phase. But, she was in love! And something terrible happened to the man of her dreams. He didn't just dump her! And, most important of all? She didn't remain passive, waiting for someone to help her. She actually went on a journey to find him. And, anyway, it was quite good to actually see that side of her. The one that is in love. To see that she really deeply fell in love with Dimitri and he wasn't just a fling like all her previous ones. I can't say the same for Bella, though. Did her depression show us something different? Only that she was really in love. But a whole book with just her dpressing thoughts? Come on! She could do better than that! Probably...

Anyway, I'll stop rambling because, although I tried to stick to what blurbs let be known, I could be accused for Spoilers... Something I really don't want.

And, okay, as a final thought, I might be a little biased seeing how I simply adore Vampire Academy (and recently Bloodlines, too). But, I guess that's the whole point. Part of why I love these series is the heroine herself. So, yeah!

(I started from studying for my Psychology assignments, and ended up rambling about VA. Yet, again! That's what I call obsession!)


Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Books... Books! Did I mention books?

After my (finally successful) tries of being left in peace and quiet, I decided to write a post, although I have to admit I wasn't really in the mood before...
After going to my favorite super marker (yes, I DO have one) with a bunch of (important -- to me) people, and thinking so much about all the studying I'll have to do tomorrow, and, of course, that which I did yesterday (although, I ended up with an awful headache), you can't really blame me, can you?

The truth is, this month I'm gonna complete for projects for the university, have some tests and quizzes and, of course, the semester's exams... Ugh. I got tired, just with enumerating them!

Anyway, back to my point, I wasn't really in the mood to write anything today, until someone changed my mind. And, who's that? The blogger behind Books Over Boys blog!

Why's that? Well, today I decided to start reading the short prequel of a series I've been planning to read for quite some time, but I never actually do it, because I'm afraid I'll become addicted to it... And I can't afford that! I have too much studying.

So, after reading it throughout the whole afternoon today and some searching I found that blog, and TA DA! I read the second post and got totally hooked!

I absolutely need to quote this blogger's words, in order for my point to be successfully understood.

''But out of all of Alex's matches, the one where she went up against Rosemarie was definitely my favorite because 1.) both gals put up an amazing fight, 2.) it was super friendly and fun, 3.) the support that came from boths sides was unbelievable, 4.) it was crazy intense, 5.) it was challenging, and 6.) it went exactly how it would have gone if Alex and Rose were in a real life, fictional battle - head to head, where one wasn't falling completely behind. Man, if only Alex and Rose could meet in real life.''

The truth is, I'd really, really like to be a part of that voting round (hosted by The YA Sisterhood), but I hadn't actually realised it was going on... Although, I'd definitely vote for Rose ('cause she's the best heroine I've ever encountered, and I haven't really read the Half Blood series, yet), I'd just love the idea of participating in something like that and sharing that stress and anxiety with all the other participants. Also, I'd like so much to imagine it as a battle that indeed happened between two good and quite loved heroines.
I'll just have to keep an eye for similar events in the future...

So, another thing I'd like to mention, because it's getting late and I'm quite tired, I'm up for a change in my blog...
Part of it is already visible, with all the stuff I've been adding to my side bar.

Oh and you can also find banners of your favorite series here

And, also stickers for your favorite teams!

Smwats, for now! I'm going back to my copy of Blood Ties by Poole, and to my favorite video game (in which i'm currently naming the people out of my favorite book characters :D)


Sunday, 1 January 2012

U2 - New Year's Day (Lyrics)

Well well well...

The new year bagan with an earthquake in Japan :O :/
Isn't that unfair??
After all the damage done not so many months ago!

But anyway, let's still hope 2012 will get better and better than the previous years.
They say as a wish for every year to be better than the previous...
But if every year is better than the previous, what does that mean?? That every year is better than all that has come and passed! :D

So, yeah!

A happy new year's day from U2, through their beautiful song! :D


All is quiet on new years day,
A world in white gets underway,
And I want to be with you,
Be with you night and day.
Nothing changes on new years day.
I will be with you again.
I will be with you again.

Under a blood-red sky
A crowd has gathered in black and white.
Arms entwined, the chosen few,
Newspapers say, it says its true.
And we can break through,
Though torn in two we can be one.
I will begin again, I will begin again.
Oh and maybe the time is right,
Oh maybe tonight.
I will be with you again.
I will be with you again.

And so we are told this is the golden age
And gold is the reason for the wars we wage.
Though I want to be with you,
To be with you night and day.
Nothing changes on new years day.


My 1st post for the new year!

We I wish you a (Merry Christmas and a) Happy New Year!

:D Ehehehe!

Anyway, you get my point!
2012 has finaly arrived, and I feel happier than ever about it!
So, let's get on with all the wishes!

Let's hope that 2012 proves to be a happy year indeed with lots of love, health and happiness!
May the new year bring to everyone many goods and fulfill their wishes!
Last but not least...
Let's hope the world won't come to an end in 21 of December 2012 :D

(I don't really believe the world as we know it will come to an end this year, but you know... Just making sure I have done what I can to avoid it... Which is...wishes! :D)