Sunday, 1 January 2012

My 1st post for the new year!

We I wish you a (Merry Christmas and a) Happy New Year!

:D Ehehehe!

Anyway, you get my point!
2012 has finaly arrived, and I feel happier than ever about it!
So, let's get on with all the wishes!

Let's hope that 2012 proves to be a happy year indeed with lots of love, health and happiness!
May the new year bring to everyone many goods and fulfill their wishes!
Last but not least...
Let's hope the world won't come to an end in 21 of December 2012 :D

(I don't really believe the world as we know it will come to an end this year, but you know... Just making sure I have done what I can to avoid it... Which is...wishes! :D)



  1. Weiw ... It is a very good wishes Cat, I like it. We’ll be very lucky if we’ve a lot of love in this year. Hehe about December 21, 2012 it seems very unfair when we think of going there, because all the best has already been set by God, so we think positive :)

    Let's be happy with them that we love and respect :)


  2. Hehe! And the best part of them Hendrwawn is that I mean them, too!
    Well, I believe that whatever is meant to happen, it will, no matter what, so why care so much about the ending of the world?

    As you said, let's be happy with the people of our lives, and live every moment to the fullest! :)