Thursday, 19 January 2012 (Official)

CLICK click click quickly!

It's so awesome!
You can hear the rain and see the clouds and the drops...
So, cool!

I love rain, but I'd never imagined that I could experience it so completely (well, almost) just by clicking on a link. It's fantastic, but also weird. Wouldn't it make me get bored if I could listen to it whenever I wanted?

Gosh, suddenly my internet connection stuck and the sound of rain stopped. The result?? My ears feel weird now... :/ Like there was something blocking my hearing...
Another disadvantage, I guess...

But, on the other side, doesn't it make you thankful that we have the unique chance to live in a historical era like this one??
Isn't it wonderful that everything we need, we can just type it on our laptop and quickly find it?
Internet has been a great invention, although it hides many dangers.

If there were time machines and people from the past where able to come to our time and day, I'm not sure thy could survive long enough... :/

Anyway, I'll stop rambling now, before the situation goes off hand! :D


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