Friday, 29 July 2011


Clouds like these are so totally awesome, aren't they?
They amaze me. Although I've neer been a fan of thinking of them as specific shapes, like elephants, sharks, or I don't know what else, when the sky is filled with them it's so much more beautiful!
I love cloudy days! Everything feels at peace! *w*


Thursday, 28 July 2011

Rihanna - Disturbia

Do you know what's been disturbing me ever since I realized it??
That for 2 books in a row I dislike the male heroes...
On Forbidden I didn't like Lochan...
On the books of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel, I dislike one of the basic heroes, Josh...
Pffff... I don't know why... They just get on my nerves... Why is that? I don't like it at all... It ruins my whole idea about a book. It's ok to not like one of the people, but the main heroes??? That's awful... I can't stand it...

Anyway, now that I've said that, I feel slightly better (until I continue reading The Magician, that is) and ready to go continue packing my suitcases!

I love travels but I hate the packing and the unpacking.
That's also why I don't like moving to a new house, and stuff... :/

Ok, all my complaints in one post! :D


Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Lord of the Dance 3D

I can't also help but recommend Lord of the dance!
Michael Flatley dances riverdance and does it very well...
This return happened now, but some years ago the original show was also quite good! But now all of the dancers that participated in both shows are older than what they used to. I think it's quite obvious in that return, but that doesn't make it any less enjoyable!

Considering that I myself have been a dancer for quite a big part of my life, I know all the difficulties they face as this is their job. But only if you like something you can actually succeed in it, so I guess it's a nice enough sacrifice.Although, I must admit that for me it was a sacrifice: facing all these difficulties without complaining [much]... But for those professional dancers and all those that are excellent in their job, it's not actually a sacrifice. It's a part of the job, which they also love. So, I admire them, and wish them all the best.


"From Paris With Love"

Are you an action-movie fan? Want to see a lot of gunshots and generally action on a movie? Do you want to watch it with a friend or friends, but they prefer a more like comedy style?
Are you yourself a fan of movies that combine action with comedy??
Then this is the movie for you!

From Paris with love is a movie that has a lot of action AND comedy.
With the awesome John Travolta starring the movie couldn't be anything less.
I recommend it to all of you. There were many times I laughed even while on a situation that could cost the heroes' lives. Strange, huh?


Tuesday, 26 July 2011

What is your element?

What Is Your Affinity?
You are incredibly loyal and trustworthy, and your friends can always count on you. Like Stevie Rae, you are cautious and slow to change.

Fledglings with an affinity for earth are great at offering help and will be there when friends need a shoulder to cry on. They may not always be imaginative, but will have no trouble finishing projects that they start.
Fun quizzes, surveys & blog quizzes by Quibblo



I have a thing for numbers..
I like 3 numbers on a row, symbolic numbers, numbers in a lucky row, etc etc...
So, that's why I keep posting the number of my Goodreads Library!
And if you see they all have similarities... 616, 393... Then, 3! And, of course 222 220... :D
You probably understood that when my read-pile goes to 222, I will post again!
I can't help it... ;p

all => {616}
read => {220}
currently-reading => {3}
to-read => {393}


Monday, 25 July 2011

Between UFOs & Nicholas Flamel

Entering the world of the Alchemyst Nicholas Flamel has been an extraordinary experience for me! Although, I haven't really finished yet the first book I wanted to write something about it...
At the beginning it was quite hard for me to concentrate, though, 'cause of my anxiousness caused by a problem that thankfully yesterday it was solved...
Well, problem... It kind of was more a matter that I cared about...
But anyway!
All these "cool" creatures described in the book, and their powers, their history... I like that stuff! And you know if you actually believe in something it comes closer to being true! At least for you... Others might name it craziness!

Bu whatever they say, I'd like, too, to be able to see with acuity, to hear with clarity, to taste with purity, to touch with sensitivity, to smell with intensity...

And what do you think of that so-called Alien?? I'm not sure what that is! I actually had to watch twice the video, to understand where they had seen it... What could it be, what could it be? :D

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Yesterday I found accidentaly a site in which all monsters known are listed.
I love it! It's awesome *w*
The whole morning I've been roaming around and searching through the various categories!
Check it out for yourself...

Main categories of monsters
Fabulous beasts.jpg Paranormal entities.jpg Cryptids.jpg
Angels and Demons 2.jpg Fairy creatures.jpg Shapeshifters.jpg
Undeads.jpg Human monsters.jpg Artificial monsters.jpg


Saturday, 23 July 2011

My new status on Goodreads!

215 ratings (4.31 avg)

#37 top users
#7 top librarians
#9 top readers


R.I.P. Amy Winehouse

Afew hours ago the singer Amy Winehouse died in her apartment in UK!
On september she would turn 28... What a pity!

I didn't really know many of her songs, but well this one is among the few I recognize immediately!~

Even if I don't recognize her voice, I mean, 'cause it's quite charectiristic!

Amy Winehouse - You Know I'm No Good


Friday, 22 July 2011


It contains spoiler, so if you wish to proceed don't say I didn't warn you!

When I first laid eyes on this book, I was attracted by the cover!
Then, I was attracted by the plot... With a major difference, though! The price tag had been placed involuntarily just above the last few sentences : "And now they fell in love. But... They are brother and sister."
Soo, I picked it up and bought it thinking it was just about 2 best friends that happened to fall in love! As usual! I thought it was just another ordinary story! And I agreed with the plot 'cause I don't believe in friendship between a male and a female myself!
But anyway,  before I started the book I read a few reviews and found out the truth about the plot. It was a bit startling, as I've never read about something similar but you know, the opinion of the reviewer won me over so I wasn't very shocked!

My only comment at the beginning and 'till the last few chapters was that I didn't like Lochan's character. AT ALL! I didn't like the idea of him being strong only inside his family! I didn't like the fact that Maya was stronger than him in that particular way! And generally it wouldn't be my choise of male role!
But, ok with this! I overcame that at the final chapters because he was hardly ever described while at school anymore, or at least he made a new "sort-of-friend" and became SLIGHTLY a bit more social!

My other problem with the book was that I am an only child, so it was quite hard for me to imagine the situation in which Maya & Lochan were and what it would be like! So, instead I found myself considering them just a couple of lovers. With a problem of expressing their love to everyone else, maybe, but I didn't really like the fact that I had to REMIND myself they were siblings whenever the things got hot and heavy (which, believe me, was quite often).

That aside, I was rating the book with 3 or even 4 stars. Which translates to "I (really) like the book".

But, then I got to the Epilogue...
Before that, in the final chapter I hadn't realize that these were Lochan's final thoughts and he had actually killed himself... I still think that all he wanted was to escape but the window prooved to be too high. Or maybe that was why he had hesitated. Because he saw how distant the bottom seemed to be... But, you know I actually didn't realize it! Because I'm always ADDICTED for happy endings, so I tend to always think the best possibility for my heroes. I hate having them killed or heart-broken, or anything like that!
And, I know it's NOT realistic, but HELLO! I don't read books only to find out what's happening to the outside world. My main reason to be so book-addict is that with them I can really get off of my problems. I forget about anything and everything! And that's exactly what I want!
I hate wanting to forget I've read a book! Or at least the end of it!

And I'm mainly talking about stand-alone books, 'cause when it's about book series things are different! Even if the book has a bad ending you know it's just a cliff-hanger. Most importantly? You can then go and Google up the blurb from the next book-to-come. So, you might get a hint of what's going to happen and you won't be as disappointed as I feel right now! And at least even if other books have many deaths and stuff, even if it is about important people for the heroes, I'm surely going to crash if one of the 2 heroes dies. If both of them do, it will be better because I will then hope for their after-death reunion! I'm hopeless romantic, I know, but I can't help it! And I don't want me to change it!
But back to the topic, of course it would be horrible if ANY of the 5 children had died. So, a dilemma, I guess, huh? UGH! See? Now I'm thinking like death would b inevitable for the ending of the story! Like either way someone would get killed! I don't like that train of thought...

So, for the ending I have to rate with 2 stars! But, then again I'm thinking that before the Epilogue everything was much better than just an "It was ok" rating.
So, I put 2,5 stars!
Just for the after-taste that book gave me!

I'm a hopeless romantic, happy-ending addict! So, sue me!


Little Dhampirs, Moroi Royals, and Badass Strigoi

Dream cast:
Taylor Kitsch as Dimitri Belikov
Chris Evans as Adrian Ivashkov
Jamie Bell as Mason Ashford
Alex Pettyfer as Jesse Zeklos

St. Vladimir's Academy

School · Montana, United States

Basic Information

Motto: Truth, Life, Blood.
Appearance: Sprawling and gothic, built in the style of older academies in Europe. The buildings boasted elaborate, almost church-like architecture, with high peaks and stone carvings. Wrought iron gates enclosed small gardens and doorways here and there. The school resembles a college campus - more than a typical high school.

The campus is divided into two schools, the upper and lower, each of which is built around a large, open quadrangle decorated with stone paths and century-old trees.

The upper school quad has an academic building on one side with the dhampir dormitories and the gym opposite. Moroi dorms sat on one of the other sides with the administration buildings opposite. The administration building also serve the lower school.


Russian (VA46)
American Colonial Literature (VA46)
Basics of Elemental Control (VA46)
Ancient Poetry (VA46)

Advanced Guardian Combat Techniques (VA26)
Weight Training and Conditioning (VA26)
Bodyguard Theory and Personal Protection (VA26)
Senior Language Arts (Novices) (VA26)

Combined electives:
Animal Behaviour and Physiology (VA46)
Advanced Calculus (VA46)
Moroi Culture (VA46)
Slavic Art (VA46)
Geology (SK388)
Precalculus (VA26)
Culinary Science (SK46)
Biology (SK45)
Creative Writing (SK46)
Join for those who love Vampire Academy.

{From Facebook: }


Vampire Academy Anime Cast

By Little Dhampirs

Our Heroines, the flirtatious devil and the healing angel:
Rosemarie "Rose" Hathaway
Vasilisa "Lissa" Dragomir

The Living Moroi Vampires:
Jesse Zeklos
Victor Dashkov
Natalie Dashkov
Mia Rinaldi
Queen Tatiana Ivashkov
Adrian Ivashkov
Christian Ozera

The Dhampir Guardians:
Janine Hathaway
Mason Ashford
Edison "Eddie" Castile
Dimitri "Dimka" Belikov
Stan Alto

The Undead Strigoi Vampires:


Team Dimitri

Name:   Dimitri Belikov

Dimitri belikov by emmav-d36ks8s.jpg

Dimka, Comrade, Cradle Robber, Anti-social God
Dhampir (Books 1-3, part of 5 and 6), Strigoi (Book 4 and part of 5)
Hair color:
Dark brown
Eye color:
Dark brown
Baia, Russia
Undead (book 4 though part of 5) Alive (books 1, 2, 3, part of 5 and 6)
Yeva Belikova (grandmother)
Olena Belikova (mother)
Karolina Belikova (sister)
Sonya Belikova (sister)
Viktoria Belikova (sister)
Paul Belikov (nephew)
Zoya Belikova (niece)

Dimitri Belikov is among the guardians who are sent out to Portland to bring Princess Vasilissa "Lissa" Dragomir and Rosmarie "Rose" Hathaway back to St. Vladimirs Academy. He is a twenty-four year old dhampir guardian and is assigned to Lissa. He has a slight Russian accent. He has a strong dislike for Moroi men who use dhampir women, because his Moroi father used to beat his mother. Dimitri cares deeply for Rose. He is known to like reading western novels and to wear a duster at times. In the first book, a novice named Mason Ashford describes him as an "anti-social god", due to his reputation as a strong guardian and preference of being alone. Film rights have been sold to Preger Entertainment as of July 2010. It has been rumored that Ben Barnes will take on the leading role, this has yet to be confirmed.

Physical Appearance

He is 6'7", he has lean hard muscle, chocolate brown eyes, brown shoulder length hair, and a deep tan.


Dimitri always puts his duty as a guardian before his personal desires. He always needs to be in action or he gets restless. Honor is something he regards very highly and takes his job and his honor very seriously. Underneath his god-like, tough guy exterior is a man who has the same feelings as everyone else; some even regarded by Rose Hathaway as "intense" and "passionate".

RelationshipsEdit Relationships section

Rosemarie "Rose" HathawayEdit Rosemarie "Rose" Hathaway section

Dimitri calls her "Roza" when he is feeling affectionate or fond of her. He also loves her hair, first stated in "Vampire Academy" when Rose was worried about having to cut her hair to show off her molnija marks like most other female Guardians do; Dimitri suggested she simply wear it up and that she should not cut it. Dimitri Belikov first meets Rose Hathaway when she and her best friend Vasilisa "Lissa" Dragomir are in Portland. Rose and Lissa had run away from St. Vladimir's Academy two years earlier, Rose having done this to try and protect Lissa from herself. After they were caught and brought back to the academy Rose was in a lot of trouble and Headmistress Kirova was about to expel Rose when Dimitri stepped in and said that it would be a waste of talent to expel her, especially with the extreme lack of female Guardians. It was then decided that she would have extra training sessions with Dimitri (due to the fact that she was very far behind) and would be not be allowed to go social gatherings.

At first the only thing Dimitri does during training sessions is make Rose run, which she finds irritating because it seems so useless. When she voices this opinion to Dimitri, he asks her a series of questions about what she would do if she were attacked by a Strigoi at the mall. Rose promptly answers that she was would either decapitate, burn, or stake the Strigoi in the heart, but Dimitri asks her what she would do if she didn't have access to any of those things. Rose then realizes that being able to run fast and for long distances is a true asset in being a Guardian in such cases. As the training sessions continue, Dimitri and Rose find they have a lot of things only they can understand about each other and they begin to fall in love.

Dimitri sees his feelings for Rose as inappropriate due to age and her being his "student" (as well as the fact that as Lissa's future guardians they cannot be distracted by one another) and tries his best to keep a lid on them. During a dance at the Academy, Rose finds out that Lissa has been kidnapped and melts into her mind to find out where she's being taken. During this process, Rose finds herself suddenly and irrationally wanting to go to Dimitri, thinking that he will know what to do. By the time she gets to Dimitri's room, she has completely forgotten about Lissa's state of emergency and wants to do nothing but touch Dimitri. She barged into his room and kissed him on the chest, shocking him and making him see that something was clearly wrong with her. Dimitri attempted to touch Rose and in doing so suddenly wanted Rose as much as she wanted him. Dimitri kissed her heatedly, removed her black dress and took her to his bed. They were on the verge of having sex when Dimitri removed the necklace she was wearing (a rose necklace) inadvertendly discovering that it had a lust charm on it. Victor Dashkov put the charm on the necklace as a way to distract them while he was kidnapping Lissa. In the end they saved Lissa, caught Victor and sent him to prison.
Later, Rose confronts Dimitri about the lust charm, but Dimitri tells her that he "just doesn't like her that way". Rose is a little heartbroken, but upon visiting Victor Dashkov in his cell finds out that Dimitri was lying, because the lust charm would not have worked in they hadn't already wanted each other (the necklace simply strengthened feelings that were already there).
When Natalie, convinced to turn Strigoi by her father, attacked Rose, Dimitri found them and killed Natalie Dashkov. As he carried Rose to the clinic, she told him about what Victor had said. Dimitri responded: "I did want you. I still do." but said they could never be together because if he allowed himself to love her, he'd throw himself in front of her instead of the Moroi he was meant to be protecting.

Tasha OzeraEdit Tasha Ozera section

Dimitri and Tasha Ozera had been friends for a long time (it is unknown how long). When Tasha came to the Academy and the ski resort for Christmas, it came to Dimitri's attention that she liked him more then just a friend. Using Tasha as a way to get over Rose, he went out with her. Tasha later made him an offer to be her guardian (even though she is Royal she has no guardians, this is because of what Christian's parents did), he declined the offer, later telling Rose it would have been unfair to do that when he could never return her feelings, also saying that his heart was in another place...with Rose.
Tasha is the only one who uses Dimitri's nick name "Dimka" - apart from his family - in the series. "Dimka" is a Russian nickname for Dimitri.
In Last Sacrifice, it is revealed just how much Tasha had feelings for Dimitri when it is proven that she is the one who framed Rose for the murder of Queen Tatiana Ivashkov. Tasha was the actual murderess and the reason she framed Rose was to get Rose out of the picture so she could move in on Dimitri now that he was back to his dhampir self. Rose and Dimitri had thought that Tasha had accepted the fact that Dimitri didn't want to be with her, but with Rose and that she was willing to just be friends with him. But, it is apparent, when Rose looks through Lissa's eyes near the end of Last Sacrifice and see's Tasha's aura glowing with affection when she is focused on Dimitri, that she still had strong feelings for him and always has.

VA Strigoi Marks

Promise mark

Promise mark.jpg
After novices graduate from school, they receive a promise mark as a sign that they've finished their training. When Rose dropped out of school to hunt Dimitri and met Viktoria, Viktoria mentioned that those without a mark were the "unpromised." It was so unheard of that there was no term for it. Rose describes it looking like a "twsting line, sort of like a snake." In the 5th book, Spirit Bound, Rose describes her Promise mark as a stretched out S in the middle of the back of her neck with curling ends that wrap around her molnija marks "like an embrace"


Molnija mark

Molnija mark.jpg
Guardians get the molnija mark (Russian молния for lightning) tatooed on their necks to mark how many Strigoi they have killed. They look like two streaks of jagged lightning crossing in an X. When Rose meets Dimitri for the first time in Vampire Academy, he has already six molnija marks, meaning that he has killed six Strigoi. At the end of Frostbite Rose gets her first two molnija marks for killing Elena and Isaiah. There is another tattoo that looks like a star that means the bearer has been in battle if they have fought too many Strigoi to count.

Zvezda mark

Zvezda mark.jpg
The Zvezda mark (Russian звезда for star) is a tattoo that is given when the bearer has been in a battle and killed too many Strigoi to count. Rose gets a zvezda mark after the battle at the Academy in Shadow Kiss.


Thursday, 21 July 2011

My 2 new additions on Goodreads

I added 2 Greek books today in Goodreads, because I have them but can't find them on my fave book-listing site!
Soooo, if you're interested check them!

Here are the links::

Κατερίνα Σφόρτσα

Κατερίνα Σφόρτσα



Το κορίτσι του διπλανού portal κυκλοφορεί και απορεί (Το κορίτσι του διπλανού portal, #1)

Το κορίτσι του διπλανού portal κυκλοφορεί και απορεί (Το κορίτσι του διπλανού portal, #1)

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Paranormalcy by Kiersten White

Yup, yup, I'm still looking for books!
What can I do???
I'm hopeless~
When I get obsessed, nothing else matters...
And actually that's quite a big part of my life!
A part of me!
So, I can't really ever let it go..
I always find my way back :D


I'm number 23

I've been nominated from Goodreads!
YAY ME! :D *cheers* I actually like that!! :D
I'm gonna start a new book, now that I finished Afterlife! ^^

207 ratings (4.43 avg)
0 reviews

#23 top readers



..::<3>::.. Team Dimitri ..::<3>::..

Rose/Dimitri (VA) —|| нυяяι¢αиє ||—

Vampire Academy Series | PERFECT CAST

I have some objections with this cast, but generally I agree on many points..
Probably we got inspired from the same website ;D


Beatiful Darkness- the trailer

I haven't really read these new series yet, but I have the books, and well, I'm planning them to be my next series to read!
But, I just need to read some stand-alone books first~
Hmm, I guess I've found just one, 'till now! Or maybe 2.. We'll see...
But Beautiful Creatures & Beautiful Darkness will definitely be the next ones...
Unless I wait for Beautiful Chaos to be released first.....
Ooooh, DILEMMA! :/


Vampire Academy: Last Sacrifice

My all-time-favorite book!
After Last Sacrifice my faves are Vampire Academy, Frostbite and Shadow Kiss!
Which means that most of the VA books are my faves. But I just prefer the ones in which Dimitri is a dhampir and not a strigoi!

I'm just a hopeless TEAM DIMITRI person, and I like that! :D

I actually want to read more from this author, but right now I'm just waiting patiently for Bloodlines, a spin-off new series of the Vampire Academy series!

Vampire Academy: Last Sacrifice - the trailer

VA Last Sacrifice Rose Hathaway Trailer

Who actually killed Queen Tatiana?? What's your guess? ;D
And why did the person trap Rose seeming like the murderer?? ;D


Stan/NiVo Αν Μου 'Φτάναν Τα Λεφτά 2011 New Official Music Video Clip HQ

Ena apo ta tragudia pu m ema8e h Maya :pp
Pu exei guristei?? M'aresei...
M 8umizei t amerikanika sxoleia m t 8rania ta mona, t dulapakia g ts ma8htes, ts vivlio8hkes... T average dhmosio ellhinko sxoleio SIGURA dn einai etc :pp


Back for a bit!

I'm back from my few-days holidays with a weird color!
And I didn't actually sunbathe! At least not the usual way!
When I did try to sunbathe nothing happened! I'm still white in the front and red in the back :/ But, you know what they say!
When you actually TRY to do something you don't usually accomplish it.. :/
But when you DON'T WANT something to happen to you, it happens! :O
Just like with time!
When you want the time to pass quickly, it doesn't~

Anyway, anyway!
The thing is that I'm obsessed with books right now!
And I mean a certain genre!
Which reminds me that I don't really know the differents genres of music...
I always confuse them :/

Look at that, by the way...

Break Me / Nicko - Nikos Ganos (HD) - Official Video Clip 2011)

Now that I actually saw the videoclip and who the singer is I don't think I like it that much.. :/ Well, when you see the video clip you know instantly it's a greek production.. :/ Pffff, I didn't like it...
Ok ok, the song is...good!


Friday, 15 July 2011

Once a Witch, Always a Witch...

Actually the title of this post is about the titles of 2 books that belong to the same series written by :D
I think this is very creative! Combining a saying with 2 of her books!
If you get what I mean, actually... It's hard for me to put t to words that late at night :p [It's not too late, but that does not prevent me from being SLEEEEEPY :O]
But anyway, right now I've started reading another book! :D
An after I end those series I'm gonna start a stand-alone book...
I hadn't realized I missed those, utnil Donna from 'Book Passion for Life' mentioned it! Yup, I've become addicted to Jessica&Donna's blog.. Whenever I'm online I'm looking for reviews, soo yup! :D
I was just wondering around and searched about Toothless from "How to train your dragon"
I recently watched it with my baby cousin and when I saw that cutie dragon I was all "OOOOW" *O*


Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Nice numbers :D

414 books

202 to read

206 read + 6 currently reading


3232 days left!

 I'm talking about my poll! =>

Translated in English? ::

What's the best name from the following?!
- Selene
- Galene
- Hermione
- Laura
- Phoebe
- Violet
- Emily
- Rozalia

Come on!
You have only 3232 days left :pp
You should hurry :pp


R.Mead @ Goodreads!

Richelle Mead > Series

210,244 ratings (average 4.36)
37 works

Vampire Academy (6 books)
Vampire Academy ~ Frostbite ~ Shadow Kiss ~ Blood Promise ~ Spirit Bound ~ Last Sacrifice
by Richelle Mead (Goodreads Author)

Georgina Kincaid (7 books)
Succubus Blues ~ Succubus on Top ~ Succubus Dreams ~ Succubus Heat ~ Succubus Shadows ~ Succubus Revealed
by Richelle Mead (Goodreads Author)

Dark Swan (4 books)
Storm Born ~ Thorn Queen ~ Iron Crowned ~ Shadow Heir
by Richelle Mead (Goodreads Author)

Bloodlines (6 books)
Bloodlines ~ The Golden Lily
by Richelle Mead (Goodreads Author)

Vampire Academy: The Graphic Novel (1 book)
Vampire Academy: The Graphic Novel
by Richelle Mead (Goodreads Author), Leigh Dragoon, Emma Vieceli (Illustrator)

Storm Born Comic (1 book)
Storm Born Volume 1
by Richelle Mead (Goodreads Author), Grant Alter (Goodreads Author), Dave Hamann



Avalon High Trailer - Disney Channel Official

I've been searching through my books, so that I could find my favorite ones!
And, I realized that most of them [most of my faves] were written by Meg Cabot!
Huh, cool?
Well, Avalon High is becoming a movie, huh?
It didn't inspire me all the strong feelings the book did, though!
It's such a shame, everytime a book is transferred to a movie, it loses all the magic... Well, the movie! Not the book!
Some books never fail to lose their magic, no matter what!
So, let's wait and see!


I Gemelli - The Twins

Colours - white and rose
Motto - 'Due possono piω fare' (Two can do more)
Church - Santa Caterina
Main street - Via dei Mercati
Square - Piazza del Mercato
Fountain - Fonte dell’Aria
Symbolises - Co-operation
Allies - Bilancia, Acquario
Adversary - Toro
Guild - Bankers
Patron Saint - Catherine last Sunday in May
Element - Air
City of Allegiance - Remora
Horsemaster - Riccardo
Mount - Benvenuto (bay gelding)
Jockey - 'Silk' (Seta)

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

I'm Cassandra of Troy! Quite Greek, huh?


Your Results:

Cassandra of Troy

Like Cassandra from Starcrossed, you seem fragile, but you have a powerful core of strength. Keep putting those brains to good use!

So... I'm... Heartful??:D


Your Results:


You make choices with your heart. You put others before yourself and decide what’s best based on the common good.

Spring, huh?


Your Results:


You’re all about the freshness of spring. It’s likely that your flower would bloom as a daffodil or azalea!

I'm...Dark? Definitely that way!


Your Results:

DARK In the balancing act between light and dark, you lean toward the dark.

Fate, destiny, or fortune—call it whatever you want, but you believe things happen for a reason. Each person has a destiny to fulfill; of course you hope your destiny includes a super cute guy! Every fortune cookie you crack open may give you a clue to what lies ahead.

Uh-huh! In a foreign place, huh?


Your Results:

You’d Fall in Love at a Foreign Locale!

Nothing says true love like the unique charm of a foreign city. Whether it’s the café-filled streets of Paris or the cobblestone roads of London, you’d be all too happy to ask for some tour guide services from a cute and worldly native.


I'm sensitive...

DESIRES OF THE DEAD Sensitivity Quiz

Your Results:

Sensitive Savant

You are extremely sensitive to otherworldly energy. If you concentrate and practice harnessing your power, you might be able to do great things. But beware: messing with the spirit world can be dangerous.

I'm Quartarius!



Your Results:

Possible Quartarius

It's very likely you have some angel-blood in you! Perhaps you're a Quartarius, a quarter-angel, like Claire in UNEARTHLY by Cynthia Hand. You've got the best of both worlds, with your angel strength and your mortal heart. Way to go!

My clear mind :D


Your Results:

You have a clear mind.

You know the difference between an infatuation and a real love. Continue to be yourself and you’ll be sure to find your soul mate when you’re ready.


DARK DAYS of Supernatural - Summer Tour 2011

I found that looking for a book! :D

Die for me, to be specific!


The Ends...

As, I've already mentined, whatever starts will gradually end!

Harry Potter and Twilight are not exceptions!
Waiting patiently for the last movies and thinking about all the previous ones!

Breaking Dawn Part 1 Trailer Official (HD)

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YA Top 22 books 2010

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I decided to post only the 22 first books of the list, because a) I had to readjust the whole list and I didn't have the patience to do it for all the 100 books, and b) the 22nd book is my favorite of all times! Although I've read quite a few from the books before the number 22, in my opinion VA rules! :DD

I think I just gave a hint (:/) but anyway! :D

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Persnickety Snark's Top 100 YA Novels for 2010

  1. The Hunger Games
Suzanne Collins
  1. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
J.K. Rowling
  1. To Kill a Mockingbird
Harper Lee
  1. Speak
Laurie Halse Anderson
  1. Northern Lights
Philip Pullman
  1. The Truth About Forever
Sarah Dessen
  1. The Book Thief
Markus Zusak
  1. The Outsiders
S.E. Hinton
  1. Twilight
Stephenie Meyer
  1. This Lullaby
Sarah Dessen
  1. Looking for Alaska
John Green
  1. Just Listen
Sarah Dessen
  1. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
J.K. Rowling
  1. Little Women
Louisa May Alcott
  1. City of Bones
Cassandra Clare
  1. On the Jellicoe Road
Melina Marchetta
  1. The Catcher in the Rye
J.D. Salinger
  1. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
J.K. Rowling
  1. The Perks of Being a Wallflower
Stephen Chbosky
  1. Along for the Ride
Sarah Dessen
  1. Shiver
Maggie Stiefvater
  1. Vampire Academy
Richelle Mead

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FALLEN by Lauren Kate

Back from my few-days holidays and already having ofund some books to read!
New ones, I mean!
Because I'm still reading many :pp

Fallen ~ Torment ~ Passion ~ 4th to come!


Thursday, 7 July 2011

The last book of my favorite series!

Some minutes ago I finished it!
It was breath-taking as every other book in those series!
It wasn't even in my maternal language [so, I enjoyed it much more! ;p]
Thankfully, there's a spin-off coming soon [did someone get a hint of the series I'm talking about?? ;D]
Anyway, the point is, I wanted to talk a bit about the subject "books"...

I like reading books...
But, I love reading well-written books with an interest story, that has the happy end I was hoping all through the time I read the book! I guess, that's what everyone would want, huh? Or, ok, almost everyone, I dare to say most of the people [who actually still read books *sigh*]
That's what this book, these amazing series and most of all their amazing author accomplished!

I can tell you, for sure, that they are my 6 favorite books [more hints ;)]...
At least, my favorite teenage/young-adult/english-languaged books!
I've read some [translated from english, of course] books that they became my favorite when I was a child.. A smaller one, anyway :pp

There have also been books that I just CAN'T read... :O
There is a certain book, whose 'identity' of course I'm not gonna reveal, written in a specific style that I just don't like.. It reminds more of my own type of writting... I can't really elaborate into details when I try to write something and sometimes I am just bored to describe...
Or, I find a hard time doing it, I don't know the way...

But, anyway! There are many books I've liked, a lot some of them actually!
But nothing compares to what happened to me with that book...
Even now that I finished I don't seem capable of just putting it away with the other books in my bookcase... So, what I do? I carry it all around wherever I go, just to feel like I'm still into the story... Like I'm sharing this happy end with my favorite heroes!

The truth is that I have some worries about the spin-off series because of the change of characters!
But the thing with this author is that her [hint hint ;O] style of writing captivated me, her humor and just the way the plot was 'organised' and described!
So, I'm positive this new book will be as good...
I'm also expecting, of course, the short story about my favorite characters of the actual series to be released!

Of course, just like life goes on, I'm actually going to start a new book, really soon! But for now, I'm just gonna settle in carrying around this last incredibly fantastic for my taste book, with the couple I've adored and I'm finally happy about their end! <333


Tuesday, 5 July 2011


This is an old version [the CD was released almost 30 years ago] and it's close enough to the original Ikariotikos!

But this is really the original!


Ικαριώτικος REMIX (live in Athens)

I just looove this version! <3

This one is very good, tooo! <3


Ikariotiko Mix --- Greek

We were looking with my mother for a remix of Ikariotikos!
And we also found this! Isn't it perfect??
So cute babieeees and so perfect the little penguin!
The monkeys are too, but the babies and the penguin [whose name I can't recall :p] are SUPER WOW!!! :D


Sunday, 3 July 2011

Ό,τι να'ναι!

Σήμερα γιορτάζουν [μεταξύ άλλων] ο Υάκινθος και η Υακίνθη!
Ξέτε ότι το λουλούδι του ζωδίου μου [Δίδυμοι] είναι ο Υάκινθος? :D

Επιπλέον το μωράκι μου έγινε αισίως 224 ημερών! Πόσο είναι αυτό?
Βαριέμαι να υπολογίζω... Πωπω, αυτή η λέξη έχει γίναι το μότο μου από χθες! :Ο
Να το προσέξω!
BABY NAME: Vladimir
Your Baby
Age: 224 day(s)

Από το, μην αγχώνεστε! :ρ

Και κάτι ακόμα! Πώς αναγνωρίζεις μια τραγική κατάσταση?? Ως εξής:
Εγώ να ψάχνω για δουλειά [στο Second Life, αλλά δεν έχει σημασία :ρ] και ο μπαμπάς να βάζει ταινία να δει! Και τι ταινία? Το Kung Fu Panda 2 :ρ
Ψψψψ... :D

Αυτάαα προς το παρόν!

Επιστρέφω δριμύτερη γιατί πολύ το έχω παραμελήσει το blogάκι μου το κουτσούνικο! [Μ'έχει πιάσει η βλακεία μου πρωινιάτικο, δε φταίω εγώ :ρ]


Friday, 1 July 2011

Άκυρο για... ΚΑΛΟ ΜΗΝΑ :ρ

Τέλειωσαν οι εναπομείναντες καθημερινές εκπομπές σήμερα...
Δεν είχα σκοπό να αναφέρω τίποτα γιατί δε με ενδιαφέρει ιδιαίτερα το θέμα, απλά παρακολουθούσα καθώς σιδέρωνα [ :/ ] ...

Τεσπα, στη συνέχεια άρχισε το Κους Κους [που το είδα αφού τέλειωσε το Άκρως Οικογενειακόν :ρ] και σε κάποια φάση έδειξαν τη Χρηστίδου που φωτογραφήθηκε για το Nitro... Και ανέφερε λοιπόν η Κατερίνα τη φωτογράφιση της Μενεγάκη και έδειξαν μάλιστα και τη συγκεκριμένη φωτό που είναι όντως φοβερή!

Ένα μικρό διαλειμματάκι ήταν αυτό, επειδή βαριέμαι αφόρητα και πεινάαααααω!
Άντε αυτο το φαϊ! :ξ