Thursday, 7 July 2011

The last book of my favorite series!

Some minutes ago I finished it!
It was breath-taking as every other book in those series!
It wasn't even in my maternal language [so, I enjoyed it much more! ;p]
Thankfully, there's a spin-off coming soon [did someone get a hint of the series I'm talking about?? ;D]
Anyway, the point is, I wanted to talk a bit about the subject "books"...

I like reading books...
But, I love reading well-written books with an interest story, that has the happy end I was hoping all through the time I read the book! I guess, that's what everyone would want, huh? Or, ok, almost everyone, I dare to say most of the people [who actually still read books *sigh*]
That's what this book, these amazing series and most of all their amazing author accomplished!

I can tell you, for sure, that they are my 6 favorite books [more hints ;)]...
At least, my favorite teenage/young-adult/english-languaged books!
I've read some [translated from english, of course] books that they became my favorite when I was a child.. A smaller one, anyway :pp

There have also been books that I just CAN'T read... :O
There is a certain book, whose 'identity' of course I'm not gonna reveal, written in a specific style that I just don't like.. It reminds more of my own type of writting... I can't really elaborate into details when I try to write something and sometimes I am just bored to describe...
Or, I find a hard time doing it, I don't know the way...

But, anyway! There are many books I've liked, a lot some of them actually!
But nothing compares to what happened to me with that book...
Even now that I finished I don't seem capable of just putting it away with the other books in my bookcase... So, what I do? I carry it all around wherever I go, just to feel like I'm still into the story... Like I'm sharing this happy end with my favorite heroes!

The truth is that I have some worries about the spin-off series because of the change of characters!
But the thing with this author is that her [hint hint ;O] style of writing captivated me, her humor and just the way the plot was 'organised' and described!
So, I'm positive this new book will be as good...
I'm also expecting, of course, the short story about my favorite characters of the actual series to be released!

Of course, just like life goes on, I'm actually going to start a new book, really soon! But for now, I'm just gonna settle in carrying around this last incredibly fantastic for my taste book, with the couple I've adored and I'm finally happy about their end! <333


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