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Team Dimitri

Name:   Dimitri Belikov

Dimitri belikov by emmav-d36ks8s.jpg

Dimka, Comrade, Cradle Robber, Anti-social God
Dhampir (Books 1-3, part of 5 and 6), Strigoi (Book 4 and part of 5)
Hair color:
Dark brown
Eye color:
Dark brown
Baia, Russia
Undead (book 4 though part of 5) Alive (books 1, 2, 3, part of 5 and 6)
Yeva Belikova (grandmother)
Olena Belikova (mother)
Karolina Belikova (sister)
Sonya Belikova (sister)
Viktoria Belikova (sister)
Paul Belikov (nephew)
Zoya Belikova (niece)

Dimitri Belikov is among the guardians who are sent out to Portland to bring Princess Vasilissa "Lissa" Dragomir and Rosmarie "Rose" Hathaway back to St. Vladimirs Academy. He is a twenty-four year old dhampir guardian and is assigned to Lissa. He has a slight Russian accent. He has a strong dislike for Moroi men who use dhampir women, because his Moroi father used to beat his mother. Dimitri cares deeply for Rose. He is known to like reading western novels and to wear a duster at times. In the first book, a novice named Mason Ashford describes him as an "anti-social god", due to his reputation as a strong guardian and preference of being alone. Film rights have been sold to Preger Entertainment as of July 2010. It has been rumored that Ben Barnes will take on the leading role, this has yet to be confirmed.

Physical Appearance

He is 6'7", he has lean hard muscle, chocolate brown eyes, brown shoulder length hair, and a deep tan.


Dimitri always puts his duty as a guardian before his personal desires. He always needs to be in action or he gets restless. Honor is something he regards very highly and takes his job and his honor very seriously. Underneath his god-like, tough guy exterior is a man who has the same feelings as everyone else; some even regarded by Rose Hathaway as "intense" and "passionate".

RelationshipsEdit Relationships section

Rosemarie "Rose" HathawayEdit Rosemarie "Rose" Hathaway section

Dimitri calls her "Roza" when he is feeling affectionate or fond of her. He also loves her hair, first stated in "Vampire Academy" when Rose was worried about having to cut her hair to show off her molnija marks like most other female Guardians do; Dimitri suggested she simply wear it up and that she should not cut it. Dimitri Belikov first meets Rose Hathaway when she and her best friend Vasilisa "Lissa" Dragomir are in Portland. Rose and Lissa had run away from St. Vladimir's Academy two years earlier, Rose having done this to try and protect Lissa from herself. After they were caught and brought back to the academy Rose was in a lot of trouble and Headmistress Kirova was about to expel Rose when Dimitri stepped in and said that it would be a waste of talent to expel her, especially with the extreme lack of female Guardians. It was then decided that she would have extra training sessions with Dimitri (due to the fact that she was very far behind) and would be not be allowed to go social gatherings.

At first the only thing Dimitri does during training sessions is make Rose run, which she finds irritating because it seems so useless. When she voices this opinion to Dimitri, he asks her a series of questions about what she would do if she were attacked by a Strigoi at the mall. Rose promptly answers that she was would either decapitate, burn, or stake the Strigoi in the heart, but Dimitri asks her what she would do if she didn't have access to any of those things. Rose then realizes that being able to run fast and for long distances is a true asset in being a Guardian in such cases. As the training sessions continue, Dimitri and Rose find they have a lot of things only they can understand about each other and they begin to fall in love.

Dimitri sees his feelings for Rose as inappropriate due to age and her being his "student" (as well as the fact that as Lissa's future guardians they cannot be distracted by one another) and tries his best to keep a lid on them. During a dance at the Academy, Rose finds out that Lissa has been kidnapped and melts into her mind to find out where she's being taken. During this process, Rose finds herself suddenly and irrationally wanting to go to Dimitri, thinking that he will know what to do. By the time she gets to Dimitri's room, she has completely forgotten about Lissa's state of emergency and wants to do nothing but touch Dimitri. She barged into his room and kissed him on the chest, shocking him and making him see that something was clearly wrong with her. Dimitri attempted to touch Rose and in doing so suddenly wanted Rose as much as she wanted him. Dimitri kissed her heatedly, removed her black dress and took her to his bed. They were on the verge of having sex when Dimitri removed the necklace she was wearing (a rose necklace) inadvertendly discovering that it had a lust charm on it. Victor Dashkov put the charm on the necklace as a way to distract them while he was kidnapping Lissa. In the end they saved Lissa, caught Victor and sent him to prison.
Later, Rose confronts Dimitri about the lust charm, but Dimitri tells her that he "just doesn't like her that way". Rose is a little heartbroken, but upon visiting Victor Dashkov in his cell finds out that Dimitri was lying, because the lust charm would not have worked in they hadn't already wanted each other (the necklace simply strengthened feelings that were already there).
When Natalie, convinced to turn Strigoi by her father, attacked Rose, Dimitri found them and killed Natalie Dashkov. As he carried Rose to the clinic, she told him about what Victor had said. Dimitri responded: "I did want you. I still do." but said they could never be together because if he allowed himself to love her, he'd throw himself in front of her instead of the Moroi he was meant to be protecting.

Tasha OzeraEdit Tasha Ozera section

Dimitri and Tasha Ozera had been friends for a long time (it is unknown how long). When Tasha came to the Academy and the ski resort for Christmas, it came to Dimitri's attention that she liked him more then just a friend. Using Tasha as a way to get over Rose, he went out with her. Tasha later made him an offer to be her guardian (even though she is Royal she has no guardians, this is because of what Christian's parents did), he declined the offer, later telling Rose it would have been unfair to do that when he could never return her feelings, also saying that his heart was in another place...with Rose.
Tasha is the only one who uses Dimitri's nick name "Dimka" - apart from his family - in the series. "Dimka" is a Russian nickname for Dimitri.
In Last Sacrifice, it is revealed just how much Tasha had feelings for Dimitri when it is proven that she is the one who framed Rose for the murder of Queen Tatiana Ivashkov. Tasha was the actual murderess and the reason she framed Rose was to get Rose out of the picture so she could move in on Dimitri now that he was back to his dhampir self. Rose and Dimitri had thought that Tasha had accepted the fact that Dimitri didn't want to be with her, but with Rose and that she was willing to just be friends with him. But, it is apparent, when Rose looks through Lissa's eyes near the end of Last Sacrifice and see's Tasha's aura glowing with affection when she is focused on Dimitri, that she still had strong feelings for him and always has.

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