Friday, 22 July 2011

VA Strigoi Marks

Promise mark

Promise mark.jpg
After novices graduate from school, they receive a promise mark as a sign that they've finished their training. When Rose dropped out of school to hunt Dimitri and met Viktoria, Viktoria mentioned that those without a mark were the "unpromised." It was so unheard of that there was no term for it. Rose describes it looking like a "twsting line, sort of like a snake." In the 5th book, Spirit Bound, Rose describes her Promise mark as a stretched out S in the middle of the back of her neck with curling ends that wrap around her molnija marks "like an embrace"


Molnija mark

Molnija mark.jpg
Guardians get the molnija mark (Russian молния for lightning) tatooed on their necks to mark how many Strigoi they have killed. They look like two streaks of jagged lightning crossing in an X. When Rose meets Dimitri for the first time in Vampire Academy, he has already six molnija marks, meaning that he has killed six Strigoi. At the end of Frostbite Rose gets her first two molnija marks for killing Elena and Isaiah. There is another tattoo that looks like a star that means the bearer has been in battle if they have fought too many Strigoi to count.

Zvezda mark

Zvezda mark.jpg
The Zvezda mark (Russian звезда for star) is a tattoo that is given when the bearer has been in a battle and killed too many Strigoi to count. Rose gets a zvezda mark after the battle at the Academy in Shadow Kiss.


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