Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Vampire Academy: Last Sacrifice

My all-time-favorite book!
After Last Sacrifice my faves are Vampire Academy, Frostbite and Shadow Kiss!
Which means that most of the VA books are my faves. But I just prefer the ones in which Dimitri is a dhampir and not a strigoi!

I'm just a hopeless TEAM DIMITRI person, and I like that! :D

I actually want to read more from this author, but right now I'm just waiting patiently for Bloodlines, a spin-off new series of the Vampire Academy series!

Vampire Academy: Last Sacrifice - the trailer

VA Last Sacrifice Rose Hathaway Trailer

Who actually killed Queen Tatiana?? What's your guess? ;D
And why did the person trap Rose seeming like the murderer?? ;D


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