Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Back for a bit!

I'm back from my few-days holidays with a weird color!
And I didn't actually sunbathe! At least not the usual way!
When I did try to sunbathe nothing happened! I'm still white in the front and red in the back :/ But, you know what they say!
When you actually TRY to do something you don't usually accomplish it.. :/
But when you DON'T WANT something to happen to you, it happens! :O
Just like with time!
When you want the time to pass quickly, it doesn't~

Anyway, anyway!
The thing is that I'm obsessed with books right now!
And I mean a certain genre!
Which reminds me that I don't really know the differents genres of music...
I always confuse them :/

Look at that, by the way...

Break Me / Nicko - Nikos Ganos (HD) - Official Video Clip 2011)

Now that I actually saw the videoclip and who the singer is I don't think I like it that much.. :/ Well, when you see the video clip you know instantly it's a greek production.. :/ Pffff, I didn't like it...
Ok ok, the song is...good!


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