Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Locnville-Sun in my pocket

The Locnville twins (Andrew and Brian), born in New York City, raised in SA are blowing up!


I've got the sun in my pocket and the moon in hands
I throw it up amongst the stars and watch it move in a dance
Sometimes I stop and play it over again
With a smooth breeze blowing, flowing closer within, hey.

Verse 1:

Now let me think about the route that I took
I heard them say that I should play it by the rules of the book
But I took it real easy on them, proceed to beat the problem
Smooth wishes in my words, belief's a need to calm them
Listen and pay attention to the things that I cam to mention
I've had simliar ways of tension, just consider the maze of questions
I have, I have, I'll be ready just give me a second, I'm there
Just give me a second, I'm there.


I've got the sun in my pocket and the moon in hands
I throw it up amongst the stars and watch it move in a dance
Sometimes I stop and play it over again
With a smooth breeze blowing, flowing closer within, hey.

Verse 2:

It's growing over now, so close I can almost hold it
Provoke and open now, hope there's those opposed to close it
For a broken soul is over, trading craters for holes to solve it
A cold reality for amnesty in closr circles
Unfold the known, it's worth, give them a sign to show it's perfect
A person evolves to purpose, a turn that resolves to earn it
Like this, like this, Just follow me if you're scared
Just follow me if you're scared.


I've got the sun in my pocket and the moon in hands
I throw it up amongst the stars and watch it move in a dance
Sometimes I stop and play it over again
With a smooth breeze blowing, flowing closer within, hey.


Usher ft. Pitbull - DJ Got Us Falling In Love Again [HQ] + Lyrics

Usher, Usher (yeah man)
So we back in the club
Get that bodies rockin from side to side (si-side to side)
Thank God the week is done
I feel like a zombie gone back to life (ba-back to life)
Hands up, and suddenly we all got our hands up
No control of my body
Ain't I seen you before?
I think I remember those eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes
In the cover of the music
Get naked baby
I'm sorry chica
Better holla at Tyrone
Let him know how I jump through your foot loop
Scolla chico two can
We're from the blocka blocka o polaca
Were the boys get loose like wacka flacka
Oh no man, it's global
Was' up
Colale flacka
I wanna be your giant, no not your dada
Dale abre ai
Papa Nicholas baby
Let me see
Yo soi un Jaunito
Que stato taito
Yo freco, no OK

Cause baby tonight, the DJ got us falling in love again
Yeah, baby tonight, the DJ got us falling in love again
So dance, dance, like it's the last, last night of your life, life
Gonna get you right
Cause baby tonight, the DJ got us falling in love again
Yeah, baby tonight, the DJ got us falling in love again
So dance, dance, like it's the last, last night of your life, life
Gonna get you right
Cause baby tonight, the DJ got us falling in love again
Yeah, thank you DJ


Anaskophsh 2010!

Ta gegonota auths t xronias!



Tuesday, 28 December 2010



Sent by X.T




No matter how many times that you told me you wanted to leave
No matter how many breaths that you took you still couldn't breathe
No matter how many nights that you lied wide awake to the sound of pausing rain
Where did you go, where did you go, where did you go?

Heartbeat, a heartbeat, I need a heartbeat, a heartbeat

Tell me would you kill to save your life
Tell me would you kill to prove you're right
Crash, crash
Burn, let it all burn
This hurricane's chasing us all underground

No matter how many deaths I'd have died I would never forget
No matter how many lives I'd have lived I would never regret
There is a fire inside that has started a riot, about to explode into flames
Where is your god, where is your god, where is your god?

Do you really want
Do you really want me
Do you really want me dead
Or alive to torture for my sins

Do you really want
Heartbeat, a heartbeat, I need a heartbeat, a heartbeat
Do you really want me
Do you really want me dead
You know I gotta leave, I can't stay, I know I gotta go, I can't stay
Or alive to live a lie

Tell me would you kill to save your life
Tell me would you kill to prove you're right
Crash, crash
Burn, let it all burn
This hurricane's chasing us all underground

You say you're wrong, you're wrong, I'm right, I'm right, you're wrong, we fight
Okay I'm running from the light, running from the day to night
Oh, the quiet silence defines our misery
The riot inside keeps trying to visit me
No matter how we try, its too much history
Too many bad notes playing in our symphony
So let it breathe, let it fly, let it go
Let it fall, let it crash, burn slow
And then you call upon god, oh will you call upon god

Tell me would you kill to save your life
Tell me would you kill to prove you're right
Crash, crash
Burn, let it all burn
This hurricane's chasing us all underground

This hurricane
This hurricane
This hurricane

Do you really want
Do you really want me
Do you really want me dead
Or alive to torture for my sins

Do you really want
Do you really want me
Do you really want me dead
Or alive to live a lie

Running away from the light, running away from the light


30 Seconds to Mars feat. Kanye West - Hurricane

I just LOVE it! <3

Listen to it...
Don't think about it... ^^


Saturday, 25 December 2010

Jump5 ~Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree/Jingle Bell Rock~

I spent last night sending text messages to people who were standing right next to me...


Jump5 ~Sleigh Ride/Let It Snow~

I'm just wishing Merry Christmas to everyone...

So, I don't have to say anything more! ;D


Jump5 ~Joy To The World~

The biggest wish, huh? ;DD


Jump5 ~Santa Clause Is Coming To Town~





Friday, 24 December 2010

Thursday, 23 December 2010

"JINGLE BELLS" - 2010 Celebrity Rap-Up!

Uhuhuhu! We're crazy! ;D

The news of 2009 in hip hop/christmas style!

A remix I had listened to the radio... ;)


Δέσποινα Βανδή

Xristugenniatika tragudatsa apo VANDH!
T ena ala "kalhn esperan arxodes" [p t tragudhsame k smr! xP]

Remix m Goin'Through! Ah re Nivo! xD



I found a really cute video with a nice song! xDD



Christmas is my favourite period of time..

I love the cold... I love the christmas decoration... I love the way we can meet again with our family... I love the fact that schools stop for so many days...

I love everything about Christmas...

I just love CHRISTMAS!


Santa Claus Is Coming To Town






Friday, 17 December 2010


Haven't listened to that for some time...
I'd forgotten that, too!


"Ancient" greek songs! xD


A. Konstantinidis & T. Alexandratou Mono yia Sena

I don't know how I remembered them... Uhuhuhuhu! ;p


Saturday, 11 December 2010


Cats fighting! xDD
My sweeties!! <3


Δημήτρης Κοργιαλάς - Μια φορά

By Stru to Tsiapaman! xD



By Tsiapaman! xD



It's been snowing all day long!
Since the time I woke up!!! Wiiii!
I LOVE snow, rain, everything...!
Cold too! How cool!
But it's not getting all white outside bacuse there is too much air... -.-'
Pfff... But anyway...
It's quite relaxing to just watch the snow, too!


Continuing from FB!

Cat Strouza


Just something from my FB account! xD

Cat Strouza

    • Cat Strouza Popo... Gemise k auto so fakelos...
      Sunexizw s 2ooo! xD
      58 minutes ago ·
    • Cat Strouza ‎2o* ennow, etC?
      58 minutes ago ·

Cat Strouza Xioniiizei! ♥ xD ♥ Meta apo tosa xroniaaa!


Bo feat Stratos Antipariotis -Tha Thela (Official Video HQ)

Auto t tragudi t xw banisei edw k pl kairo, alla stn 5hmerh ema8a pws t lene k tetoia!
Ti n peis?!
Pl wraio, k exei k pl wraio video clip!
Smr olhmeris anevazw photo k kanw tag k to na t allo!
Ti n pei kaneis?
Vevaia auth t stigmh exw yilo3enerwsei gt auto t tragudi t esteile k o Xrhstos sthn Efh k meta ts t esteila k eG k blah blah blah!
Alla ti n peis?


Sone - Free At Last

This is my bro's company's song?!
Something like that!
I havn't really understood!
He's one of my fav online bros!



Friday, 10 December 2010

K su afhnw t paidi m, k paizeis m t skulo!

Kwstantinos Galanos - Tha parakalas


Gurisame apo 5HMERH!

Ena apo t polla tragudia p akugame sthn 5hmerhhhh!!!
Kala htan mweeeeeeeee!
8 boruse k kalutera, alla ti n peis...?!
Kala n eimaste!
Tr yaxnw ena allo tragudi.... Hmmmmmm...

Nikos Ganos - Koita Ti Ekanes


Saturday, 4 December 2010


Woo-hoo! CHRISTMAS LOVE! Lyrics coming sooon! xD


Countdown for 5-day school trip and... CHRISTMAS!

Tomorrow it's luggage day for us!
Well.. Today we had a test, but other than that many advices for the trip and stuff!
We also learned what we're going to do these 5 days, where we'll meet to leave et cetera... xD

At school, the last 2 hours we had informatics but we didn't do lesson today...
Instead we were listening to X-mas songs.... HOORAY!

Christmas is my favorite time period.. I just adore it...
So I'll post the songs we were singing, dancing and just listening to, today!



Saturday, 27 November 2010

Jesse McCartney - Body Language - featuring T-Pain

He's so stylish! xD

Remember I had uploaded here the photos of our "kids"?
I deleted Selene... xDD

Vladimir is soooo sweet!! *Grins*


Jesse McCartney - "Shake" Lyrics Video


I came online today and remembered to check on JMAC...

Why did he get that haircut? *Frowns*

But his face is still that sweet, cute baby face I remembered... xD


Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Shakira - Loca ft. Dizzee Rascal

Oooh... She got too skinny! O_O'

BUT once again...

-DROOLS watching some certain moments...- xP


Tinie Tempah feat. Eric Turner - Written In The Stars




JUS JACK wPhil Garant & Matina Parisi -SMOKE (Radio Edit)

Vsk auto t tragudi m'aresei paaaaaaara plplpl...
Dn exw idea gt...
Gt grafw st ellhnika? Pws t pa8a?!
Idea dn exw... xDD


Balearic Soul Vs. Ricky L - Babylonia (Lyrics)

Ok.. I prefer the radio edit actually... I got bored of this...
It has nice music in some parts but not the whole song...
I listened to it for the first time next Friday..
But actually it's ancient...
Snice July... O_O'
Anyway anyway!
Tomorrow national holiday again!
No school! ^_^


Monday, 15 November 2010

Pixar Hippo song

I remember the time when I had my first ever mobile phone and was watching these videos... xD

Hippo & Dog in the Jungle - The lion sleeps tonight

Crazy Frog - Axel F

Wow.. So many memories... I'm touched.. ;D


Pokemon Evolution part 1

I like EEVEE [all of them! xD], MISDREAVUS, MARILL and BLAZE!


Sunday, 14 November 2010

New Pokemon for New Pokemon Game ( 3DS ) Pokemon

These pokemon were found on a Pokemon Fan site.

Ahaha.. What's real and what's not?
We'll learn really soon...


4 starter pokemon combined

Wow... This person made them him/herself?


New Pokemon

That's an ancient song... xDD

I'm not so sure about the pokemon... Are they real or not?
We'll learn soon...


In Japan is out since 18th September 2010...

It will be on 3D!
Which means that we'll need a new device to play it...

Sacrifice... xD


Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver Walkthrough Part 1 - Which Starter?!?

And this is the second version of Pokemon Game for Nintendo DS I got!

My first pokemon in this one? Chikorita!
I named it NEKO!
It's so much better than Diamond!
I have the HeartGold Version...
In this we can walk with our pokemon behind us...

It's so cool...
Also, the graphics are much better...
I tried today to play again the Diamond... AWFUL!

I've played on this more than 50-60 hours, while in Diamond I've played 20...

<3 Pokemon <3


Pokemon Diamond & Pearl

The first Pokemon Game for Nintendo DS I downloaded and played... So cool!

My first pokemon?
And then.. Chimchar...
So cool!


JUMBO Christmas 41 ΜΕΡΕΣ 2010

41 μερες μεχρι τα Χριστουγεννα!

41 days 'till Chrsitmas!

Can't wait anymore... xDD


LINKIN PARK - "Not Alone"

We should never close our eyes... xS


Linkin Park - Shadow Of The Day (Video)

How moving...
I really really love this song...
And the video cil suits it very well!

<3 LP <3


Busta Rhymes - We Made It ft. Linkin Park

I had forgotten this song...
So cool...

Actually right now I am placing my emails into folders...
And actually checking out my new ones...
I had almost 1000 new emails... Psssh...

But... The person I was sure I'd have an email from didn't send me...
And I know that this person contacts through the Internet someone else I know...


Pff... I can't stand people like that... SNOBBY!


Eeveelutions - All About Us

EEVEE and its eevolutions! :

<3 xD <3


Saturday, 13 November 2010

Pokemon Diamond/Pearl - Eevee and its evolutions

I don't know why but I got obsessed with EEVEE and all its evolutions...
It's soo cool to know that I can actually catch one and get Vaporeon, Flareon, Umbreon, Espeon, Jolteon, Glaceon, Leafeon, too!
I have to find where is my pokemon Diamond game first, though...



Right now my vampire is giving birth!

Well.. This week we had 2 more +++... -.-'
But what can you do?
Today the weather was perfect..
So dark....
So rainy...
Just perfect!~!

My mum listened to Balcan [sp?] music 2 hours ago or something like that.
She liked it..
One of the songs I've liked for some time is this..



Saturday, 6 November 2010

Linkin Park - Breaking the Habit

Anime-style [almost] video clip... Love it! ^^

By the way...

For 4 weeks I have school only 3 days a week...


N.E.R.D. - Spaz

They must be new....
For me at least....

Like them! xD

How do you call black-white in one word in english? I wonder.... T.T


Kanye West - Coldest Winter


But I like it... Didn't know that Kanye West made so...different video clips...

Like the difference! ^^


Kanye West - Runaway (Video Version) ft. Pusha T


Eixa 3exasei ti wraio p einai n 'sai ballarinula! xp


Ke$ha - Take It Off

I like very much the refrain!

There's a place downtown,
Where the freaks all come around.
It's a hole in the wall.
It's a dirty free for all.

There's a place I know
If you're looking for a show.
Where they go hardcore
And there's glitter on the floor.


All I wanna do is trade this life for something new!...

I know what it takes to moves on.

I know how it feels to lie.

All I wanna do is trade this life for something new!

Tautizomai apoluta!

The hardest part of ending is starting again...


This is not the end...
This is not the beginning...


Waiting for the End (Official HD)

I was listening to it through the radio 2 or 3 days ago and was wondering whose this song is..
But I wasn't surprised to learn that a song that I like veeeery very much was by LP!

Linkin Park - Waiting for the end

Linkin Park forever.... ^^


Thursday, 28 October 2010

Theodorakis - Mauthausen - Asma asmaton (Song of songs)

Bwahahahaha! This is one of the songs we sang yesterday1
I'm singing a lot these days, huh? xDD

Ασμα ασματων - Μαρια Φαραντουρη/Μικης Θεοδωρακης


Nikos Vertis ft Pegy Zina - Eimaste xoria

Today it was our National Holiday [one of them, anyway!]
And I went, after the parade, to my cousin VULA!
It was so cold and we sang that song...
In a baby-style way, though!
How sweeeet!


Saturday, 16 October 2010

Card Captor Sakura Creditless Opening 1

This is Card Captor Sakura I used to watch right after Sailor Moon...

I've finished those anime series!
I've even watched the 2 movies!
Are there more? O_O'
I don't think so.....


[SMC] Sailor Moon OP 1 "Classic" CREDITLESS from R2 DVD

That's the very very first anime I ever watched in my whole life!!
I'm so touched...
I remember the time when I was recording it on the video [there weren't even DVDs back then] when Star Channel was showing it, because it was TOO early in the morning... 7am?

And I was going downstairs with my pajamas sitting on the couch and watching Sailor Moon.
And right after that show I was watching Sakura...

Owww... Memories! xD


Air Creditless Opening HD (720p)

How many anime series I've seen and then forgot all about...
Air TV, for example...
I'm shocked... xD
Isn't that song sweeet?
I'm listening to the full version right now... Perfect.... ^^


WOW! Many ppl on UTube!

Some Greek, some not... Enjoy! ^w^

Platanos Productions


Ask Shane

Ask Swifty


I'm a lazy, addicted, red tomato! xD

I'm lazy.. Always... Not only now... ^^'

I'm addicted to many things.. Right now? I'm to a song.. xD
And a tv series and a game etc etc... xD

I'm a RE TOMATO [I know that usually that's just how I am, but today is a special occasion, I swear... Although, I don't approve swearing... T.T]

I'm so happy...
So happy that I forgot all the disadvantages.. xD

I have many things to do! MWAH!


Friday, 15 October 2010

Το νησί

These are the channels on YouTube and Facebook of the new series of Mega Channel.



Το νησί - Trailer

Smr dn phga st school k ka8hsa k eida ΤΟ ΝΗΣΙ!
T eixa grayei t Deutera, epd eixa frod mexri tis 11 etC wste n kataferw n t dw kapoia stigmh...
Exm k t vivlio! Prepei n t diavasw!!!
Kataplhktikh einai bh seira padws! Popopo...
K pl wraio skhno8etika re paidi m...
Pl m'aresei!!!


Friday, 8 October 2010


To check about NDS Poke Games:

Pokemon Website:

Pokemon Heart Gold & Soul Silver:


Death Note - In the End (Yagami Light)

We had a conversation with E. and C.


Rise of The Next Hokage fan_made trailer

They make so nice videos for NARUTO!
Naruto Shipuuden is much better than Naruto!
Because they're older!


Funniest Sai Moments

Sai should be a new character.
Oh yup!

2010 isn't a good year for me.
All my aunts and uncles have problems. My cousins, grandparents.

My only joy were the trips I had.
5 in one year.

~ Easter
~ 2-day trip with school
~ 5-day trip with Comenius
~ 3 weeks summer holidays
and a 5-day trip with school again..



D i k u

Auto einai t site gia t online le3iko agglo-giapwneziko.

English-Japanese dictionary:

For a general translation you'll need google translator, though!


5hmerh st Giannena!

Smr phrame tis dhlwseis g tn 5HMERH!
Wiiiiiiiii! xDD


Mazi m t 2o gravas k tulaxiston 1 akm sxoleio.
Oloi GIANNENA, k st idio 3enodoxeio...

XAMOS 8 ginei!~!~!~!


Sunday, 3 October 2010

Vampire Wars by Zynga on Facebook

I've played much today.
And now I'm on level 51!

AND! I just heard about my aunt. She died...
Today we have funeral?
Oh my poor family, this year... -.-'


Monday, 20 September 2010


Νέα Υόρκη
Τέσσερις αμερικανοί φοιτητές ζητούν τις δωρεές του κοινού και τη συνδρομή των προγραμματιστών για τη δημιουργία του Diaspora, μιας υπηρεσίας κοινωνικής δικτύωσης που υπόσχεται να σέβεται την ιδιωτική ζωή των χρηστών.

Οι εμπνευστές της υπηρεσίας την περιγράφουν ως «κοινωνικό δίκτυο ανοιχτού κώδικα, ευαισθητοποιημένο στην ιδιωτικότητα, προσωπικά ελεγχόμενο και για όλες τις χρήσεις».

Λίγους μήνες μετά την αρχική τους ανακοίνωση, οι υπεύθυνοι παρουσίασαν την Τετάρτη τον κώδικα της υπηρεσίας για όσους προγραμματιστές ενδιαφέρονται να συμμετάσχουν.

Η υλοποίηση του Diaspora «είναι ανοιχτή για οποιονδήποτε έχει τις τεχνικές γνώσεις και μοιράζεται το όραμά μας για ένα κοινωνικό δίκτυο που δίνει τον έλεγχο στους χρήστες» αναφέρει το επίσημο ιστολόγιο του εγχειρήματος στο

H δοκιμαστική έκδοση της υπηρεσίας προγραμματίζεται να ανοίξει για τους χρήστες τον Οκτώβριο.

Την πρωτοβουλία για τη δημιουργία του νέου δικτύου είχαν τέσσερις προγραμματιστές του Πανεπιστημίου της Νέας Υόρκης -Ντάνιελ Γκρίπι, Μάξουελ Σάλζμπεργκ, Ράφαελ Σόφερ και Ιλία Ζιτομίρσκι.

Η τετράδα ανακοίνωσε τα σχέδιά της το Μάιο, όταν το Facebook δεχόταν επικρίσεις για τις ρυθμίσεις ασφάλειας στο δίκτυό του, τις οποίες υποχρεώθηκε αργότερα να απλοποιήσει.

Όσοι χρήστες του Facebook ανησυχούν για διαρροή των προσωπικών τους δεδομένων, θα μπορούν μελλοντικά να «μετακομίσουν» τα προφίλ τους στο Diaspora, ευελπιστούν οι τέσσερις φοιτητές.

Η χρηματοδότηση του προγράμματος προέρχεται από δωρεές χρηστών του Διαδικτύου -πάνω από 200.000 δολάρια έχουν συγκεντρωθεί από το Μάιο μέσω του δικτυακού τόπου

Όλως περιέργως, μεταξύ των δωρητών φέρεται να είναι και ο αμφιλεγόμενος ιδρυτής του Facebook Μαρκ Ζούκερμπεργκ.

This is the article from

It's about Diaspora. Cool? It's something new. Like Facebook.
Better, I think...
We'll see.
Really soon!


Thursday, 16 September 2010


I hit my knee... AGAIN.. Ugmph...

1. Ballet
2. School


But, anyway. No no school for me tomorrow.
We'll go to the docs.
Hopefully someone will check my knee too!


Tomorrow is Efi's b-day.
And I'm not even gonna be there for her.
At school, at least.
But, I'll see her at frodistirion.

And, we'll have some sweets.. *Grins*

Oof, I'm sleepy again... c.c


Monday, 13 September 2010

Let's dance xD

Let's dance VS Hot Stuff [Let's dance]

David Bowie VS David Craig

Does that song remind you of something?
Isn't it very cool?!
But it's a remix... Uh huh!

Well, the original is this!
Ok, I prefer the remix...
The other is from the 80's
But is has its own personality...
Uh huh!


Sunday, 12 September 2010

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle - Ship of Fools


That's the song I LOVE from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle!

It's weird, I know!
But I like it for a certain reason, I guess...

I'm weird, huh!~!


Tsubasa Chronicle END 1 - Loop

It's a video on the whole screen..
Very cool!

Yup yup yup!
Check it out...


[AMV] Tsubasa Chronicle - Wings of Hope

That song really suits the anime series..
Uh huh!

Good good job! xD


Synchronicity FULL - Yui Makino

I realised today that I've forgotten everything about Tsubasa Chronicle...
I finished all the episodes and stopped caring... xD


I was searching randomly actually and heard that song again...
Which is the one that I LOOOVE?!

I can't remember... -_-
Not at all weird~


Thursday, 9 September 2010



I have a stalker?!


Sheesh! What can you say?!

Know where I'm at to right now?!
Nope nope!


Wizard Rock the Vote

Hello Hello!

How's everyone...

I joined that. I'm a member in so many things now that I think about it!


It's cooler than it seems.
It's just a video I found... x3


Thursday, 2 September 2010

Fringe - Peter almost KISSING Olivia

OH! I saw this episode yesterday night!
And when I opened YouTube today it was on the proposed videos for me!
I know I want to see that kiss, but that was... WOW!

Olivia >X< Pete

Today I hope I'll see more episodes...

Season 2 - Episode 15

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

TEEN TOP '박수' M/V Full Version

Well, I came back a week and a half ago.
My holidays weren't the most relaxing I ever had. But at least I didn't study.. AT ALL!
Not that I wanted to, of course.
I can say and admit that I had a good time. It wasn't EXACTLY what I was expecting, but life surprises me every single day..

I started studying a bit last Tuesday...
I'm bored, but I know I have to study.
Actually today frontistirion started again.
AND I have also lesson in almost 2 and a half hours.
Because we did only the 3 hours today!

I think [and hope] that I'm actually ready to begin this [hard] year..

And, to start my year well, I send a video from YouTube with a japanese group.

Don't forget!
It's my dream to visit Japan one day!

Since then?...

Good luck with our new year...

And congratulations to everyone that made their dreams come true, this year!

Congrats Amarillis! xD

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Second Life - The Online 3D Virtual World

This is the first video you'll see when loading the page of the Linden Lab game's official website.

Another day...on Holidays...xD

Today I had a crisis with my right eye.
I thought it would pass more quickly like always but it didn't.
What you can say?
At last I wore my glasses and didn't take them off untill I was just a step away from the sea.

The sea was today crystal clear.
And soon enough we learned why. There was a whole bunch of little fish and a much bigger one right behind them.
Probably trying to catch some? Who knows?
It wasn't the perfect situation for us, that we aren't used to it. But ok.

I just had a bath.
And now I'm sitting on the yard once again.
My grandpa is sleeping next to me. Poor pappou!
What can you say, though?
In a few hours we'll go out with an uncle, an aunt and my 3 cousins!
All of them boys! But I never get bored with them.
Oh I have to ask them their numbers once again this year. OOF!

The song?

Another day in Paradise - Phil Collins

Getting used to holidays...

Well, I tried to upload a new photo but you know.. The usual problm...: INTERNET!

Tonight we had another UNO Party! So cool!
We ate a wholepan of pop corn with so many glasses of water because it had so much salt. After that we needed something sweet. So we ate the biscuits that are HALF WITH CHOCOLATE, HALF WITH STRAWBERRY, and then the biscuits that have SOME CHOCOLATE ON THEM, and right after all that a whole CHOCOLATE... Wow. I'm full with just the thought of ALL THESE!
We were the same people [Dimitra, Artemis and me] and Danai was added after some point..

Right now I'm sitting on my bed. Pappous [aka Grandfather] left almost half an hour ago.
Although I'm really nervous about this school year, I want to go back home. Well, not right now. Generally..
I don't know.
This is my final year at school and I can't wait for it to be over. It's the most difficult one, too..
Axx [in Greeklish...] -.-


Monday, 16 August 2010

Still on holidays!

This is one of the last photos I was able to take just minutes before my camera's screen betrayed me! My Lorelle has stopped working. I can take photos but the screen will always remain black like the night. It doeasn't matter, though. For now, I mean! Because I have my Calma! My mobile has 12 megapixel camera!
I just saw, by the way, that once again I DON'T HAVE INTERNET! Grrr...
Today I went to buy a modem from COSMOTE so that we'll be able to have Internet. And right now I'm connected not only to that modem, but also to the connection of my cousins! Aidaa...
Stupid Notebook. I'm sorry my Godric, but... [Now I've mentioned all my 3 children! Wiii! xD]

Today the sea was very wild. Many waves. They were also high. We liked them.

Oh! Catiana and Ed left on Saturday morning! There were so many english companies. They had a 2-3 hour delay, though. From 3:45 they left at 5:30...

[My dad was right. It's not that I relaxed, though. More like I made a program...]

Ah! I joined Second Life!
Soo nice! I can't wait. But this bitchy Internet I'm never able to play... Oof...
I'll join Hogwarts, too!

Is any of you also a member? If yes, then you can email me or something so that we can be friends!


Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Depeche Mode - Everything Counts

The handshake
Seals the contract
From the contract
There's no turning back
The turning point
Of a career
In Korea, being insincere
The holiday
Was fun packed
The contract
Still intact

The grabbing hands
Grab all they can
All for themselves
After all

It's a competitive world
Everything counts in large amounts

The graph
On the wall
Tells the story
Of it all
Picture it now
See just how
The lies and deceit
Gained a little more power
Taken in
By a sun tan
And a grin

The grabbing hands
Grab all they can
All for themselves
After all

It's a competitive world
Everything counts in large amounts

The grabbing hands
Grab all they can
Everything counts in large amounts



I'll always remember you! You were the best cat ever!
I'll keep the secret! Don't worry...

Monday, 9 August 2010

Xchanging Boat Race 2010 Promo

Mathew Pinsent introduces the Boat Race Promotional Video 2010. Copyright BRCL.

This is a video I found on YT of Cambridge Vs Oxford boat races!
They're annual and whoever joins gets a lot of glory!
Thank you, Ed for telling me about the two Universities' rivalry!

More info about the race:

The annual boat race between the teams of Oxford and Cambridge Universities is held on the River Thames in London. It is a major social event with all the vantage points along the river booked well in advance. The teams train for a year and virtually give up their academic studies for the period. In the UK anyone who has rowed or coxed in the Boat Race is virtually guaranteed a job for life because of the prestige it brings. It is always covered on television. This year was on a Sunday due to the tide but it is more often on a Saturday.

Sitting on the yard..

Right now we are 3 people on the yard.
Dad, Ed and I!
My mum is with Cat in the kitchen talking!

Some minutes ago, we were much more people here, though..
Danai, Artemis, Dimitra, Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Michael, Aunt Niki and all the people mentioned abov, of course!
But after 4 of the majors left and we were totally 8 people on the yard, we started saying the numbers in many languages: English, Greek, German, French, Welsh, Italian, Japanese...

It was so fun! We have  agreat time together!
In a bit we'll leave, though..
Going back to the hotel where Catiana and Ed live! And then my parents and I'll come back home!

Let's hope that today I'll manage to sleep at least 8 hours!...

Good night for now, although I'll probably send something here...


This is the sweetest dog ever!
Her name is Nefeli [It's greek...]

Isn't she very sweet?

Right now she's next to me,  not very close, but it doesn't really matter!

She's so sweet. If I ever wanted to have a dog it would be exactly like her! In everything!

She LOVES it when we pet her!
She barks a lot sometimes, but she's scared og my grandma, so when she shouts Nefeli stops immediately barking! It's so fun looking at it!

She is a mix of Pekinoua and Griffon!

Oh! She also LOVES food! Actually she wants some oh human food! She doesn't eat her own! But when she gets hungry... It doesn't really matter I guess whether she eats human or dog food!

Stupid Internet Connection!

Well, The Internet has been a bitch for so many days now...
I can't stand it...
I have to sit on one side so that I'll remain connected...
How stupid, God!


I should absolutely say about my holidays and they way I spend them!
I should also upload some photos, but I don't think it'll be possible right now because of the stupid connection...

Sunday, 8 August 2010



I am with my family!

Aunts & Uncles
Many many cousins
[Some of them: => Danai, Artemis, Dimitra, Ioanna, Christina]

And our visitors: Catianna [another cousin] & Ed

And ofc I would never ever forget our animals! [We're like a zoo right now...] :

3 DOGS [1 for each floor] > Nefeli, Ektoras, Sifis (1 girl, 2 boys)
CATS [Stray, right now]
BIRDS [2 kinds... On the upper floors /// And another 2 kinds: Stray birds]
COCKROACHES [Blieh! We have sprayed them]
FLIES [A fly trap is set]
and finally a RAT [My cousins' grandmother saw it... Blieh!]

My holidays transformed into a visit at the ZOO! xD

I'm practising my English!
And I just LOVE the way English people speak the english language!
I love their pronunciation!


~ Κατερίνα ~

Should I change my FB name? I wonder...

Saturday, 24 July 2010

K'naan - Wavin' Flag - South Africa FIFA World Cup 2010 Official Theme Song

Akon _Oh Africa_(Official Video)_PEPSI MAX_S 2010 Football World Cup in ...

Knaan, Waving Flag (lyrics) 32 countries, One Cup.

"Stand as one" 2010 Fifa World Cup Song

South African BAFANA BAFANA Song

The Police - Every Breath You Take (Black and White Version)

Duran Duran - Ordinary World (2003 Digital Remaster)

Duran Duran - Come Undone