Friday, 30 December 2011

Lady GaGa - Christmas Tree (Lyrics)

I was a lil bit surprised when I heard that this nice remake was made by Lady Gaga!
Because I actually liked it, and I never imagined she would remake a Christmas song and make it sound so nice and... almost normal... :D

But then I found the lyrics, thanks to that video and all my questions were answered. :p
Of course a song by Lady Gaga would imply othr things, even though it's Christmas, right?
But I still like it! Hehe!


2012 is coming to town!

Santa Claus is coming to Town, too! :D

I don't know what's the tradition in other countries, but here the Santa visits us on January 1st each and every year. Well, some families might welcome him a little sooner, but the majority does with the new year... :D If you get my actual meaning ;)

Now I'm back home (my parent's home, that is) and playing some video games I like and 've missed and surfing on the net, as always!

So, today everywhere I meet a certain quote from a certain favorite book of mine!
I'll share it with you!

“I don't suppose that she gave you the job based on looks alone?"

Adrian had been staring off but now flashed me a big smile. "Why, Sage, you sweet talker."

"That's not what I meant! What happened?"

He shrugged. "I told the truth."


"I'm serious. She asked me what my greatest strength was. I said getting along with people."

"That's not bad." I admitted.

"Then she asked what my greatest weakness was. And I said, 'Where should I start?'"


"Stop saying my name like that. I told her the truth. By the time I was on the fourth one, she told me I could go.” 

That was copied by my quotes here in my blog!
It's from Bloodlines by Richelle Mead!
So I met it here after reading it on Goodreads, too!
Does the universe try to send me a message, or something?

By the way, I'm choking by my pajama... :/
The pajama-murderer!

Gosh, I'm hyper again?? :D


Thursday, 22 December 2011


Xristougenna shmainei to mou na ginetai MAS

Which makes Xmas!


With Christmas just around the corner, everything feels so bubbly!
So good and nice!
I can't wait to go back home :D


Enrique Iglesias - Hero

Chris held out his hand. "Would you dance, if I asked you to dance?"

Wow, I'm seriously hooked up to A Surreptitious Relationship. It's just going to be all that much harder when the time comes for me to let go...
But, I guess I'll just let that worry come when the time is appropriate.
I have many chapters 'till the end. :D Thankfully!


Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Holly, It's Cold Outside

This is XxSkater2Girl16xX's version of the song :D
Originally posted on Wattpad!

 Gosh, I like it so much!

Enjoy her lyrics!

Holly Evers: I really can't stay--
Chris Heywood: Baby, It's cold Outside
H.E: I've got to go 'way
C.H: Baby, It's cold Outside
H.E: The Evening has been--
C.H: I've been hopin' that you'd drop in
H.E: So very nice
C.H: I'll hold your hands, they're just like ice
H.E: My mother will start to worry
C.H: Hey beautiful, what's your hurry?
H.E: And father will be pacing the floor
C.H: Listen to the fireplace roar
H.E: So really, I'd better scurry
C.H: Beautiful, please don't hurry
H.E: Well, maybe just a half a drink more
C.H: Put some records on while I pour
H.E: The neighbors might think--
C.H: Baby, it's bad out there
H.E: Say, what's in this drink?
C.H: No cabs to be had out there
H.E: I wish i knew how--
C.H: --Your eyes are like starlight now--
H.E: --To break this spell
C.H: I'll take your hat. Your hair looks swell
H.E: I ought to say no, no, no sir--
C.H: You mind if i move in closer?
H.E: At least I'm gunna say that i tried
C.H: And what's the sense in hurting my pride?
H.E: I really can't stay...
C.H: Oh baby, don't hold out
H.E: Oh, but it's cold out side...

H.E: I simply must go
C.H: I's cold outside
H.E: The answer is no
C.H: Baby, it's cold outside
H.E: The welcome has been--
C.H: So lucky you dropped in
H.E: So nice and warm
C.H: Look out the window at that storm
H.E: My sister will be suspicious
C.H: Your lips look delicious
H.E: My brother will be there at the door
C.H: I ain't worried about your brother
H.E: My maiden aunt's mind is vicious
C.H: That ol' biddy, she ain't gunna bother me
H.E: Wll,maybe just a cigarette more
C.H: You don't need no cigarette, it's smokin' plenty up in here
H.E: I've got to get home
C.H: Baby you'll freeze out there
H.E: Say, lend me a comb
C.H: It's up to your knees out there
H.E: You've really been grand
C.H: I thrill when you touch my hand
H.E: Oh, but don't you see--
C.H: How can you do this thing to me?
H.E: There's bound to be talk tomorrow
C.H: Well, think of my lifelong sorrow
H.E: At least there will be plenty implied--
C.H: If you caught pneumonia and died?
H.E: I really can't stay
C.H: Get over that hold out

Chris & Holly: Oh, but baby it's cold outside


Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Baby Its Cold Outside

Searched this because of one of my fave stories on Wattpad :D

Huh! When the author has real talent, all we can do is just bow and respect, right ;D

Oh, Chris Heywood is just so sexy.
He can compete Dimitri Belikov, I dare say...

Oof, by the way, I have so much studying and housework to do :/
It's so unfair.
I can't even enjoy my fave time of all year.
Ooow, it makes me so sad...
But, what can you do, huh?
You have to fight for something good to come to you, right?? :D
[Many smileys today, huh! Couldn't help it! I just finished that story :D]


Saturday, 17 December 2011

Rose or Adrian's fault?

Ow, I love analyzing psychologically the characters of books and their actions.
It's just amazing.

So, about Rose and Adrian's (from Vampire Academy) break-off I have to comment that.
In every human 2-people relationship both of them are at fault.

Adrian ignored the signs and, in my opinion, he actually knew that Rose wasn't all that hot for him (not as much as with Dimitri, anyway) from the beginning. He actually had to make a deal with her for Rose to decide to give him a chance. And, well, that was it. A chance to see if that would work out. She never said she loved him more than Dimitri, or anything. And, if he wanted her that much, she dicided to try with him to get over her former tutor.

But, obviously, she didn't make it. And, the fact that she slept with Dimitri while in a relationship with Adrian is wrong, but it's not only her fault. She had already decided to break it off with Adrian. The Moroi was so heart-broken mainly because he found out the way he did. I think he would have expected that the love between Rose and Dimitri would fire up again if they were all alone together.

And, anyway, generally when someone cheats it's not only their fault. It's the other person's fault, too. For different reasons every time.

My opinion. And psychologists'.

{Originally posted on Goodreads}


Friday, 16 December 2011

For Linkin Park {LP} Fans

On December 26th (before if you can't make it) we will all watch IN THE END in honor of the greatest nu metal band ever’s glory. Let's give them the best present ever: the highest viewed video on YouTube!! Let's give them what they deserves and what Justin Bieber does not deserve to have!
Copy and paste to all LINKIN PARK videos and all music videos let's get this noticed quickly!
THUMBS THIS UP LINKIN PARK can remove justin bieber!!!!!!!!

Let's spread the word out for LP! <3

And, also, I'd like to thank you all for my 7171 views!


Ol' good memories

 I remembered my passion for LP a few days ago, so I started searching their songs again today!
So, Waiting for the End is one of those songs that might be written for a different kinf od situation, but it was also exactly what I was feeling last year in a different one.
I was waiting for the end.
And it came!
And, now I'm extra happy, with my new beginning.
Which was hard, believe me, but it was worth the shot.
So, I suggest that to all of you.
If you feel bad in a situation don't waste any more time to it.
Move on.
It will be the best for all. And, most of all? For you!

And, I'd also like to post The Catalyst.
The rhythm makes my hair stand up.
God Bless us All.
So, enjoy!


Tired *.*

I'm so tired. :/
After 6 hours of sleep and 9 hours of lessons, I can indeed say that I am dead.
I'll soon start snoring while sitting in front of the laptop. :D

So, I just decided to post this awesome vid of the new app of the works of Richelle Mead.
I just remembered all over again my passion for VA [although, it never really leaves my mind] when I started talking about it with a friend of mine. :D

Too much dyslexia for a day, right?


Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Another 6th of December

 Just like every year, today was a special day for us Greeks, and, especially, for us the young people of Greece...

3 years ago a boy my own age lost his life...
He was only 15 years old.

Many greek walls still carry the marks of that day, with all the graffitis talking about the unfairness of the government, which lets policemen kill in cold blood the youth.

Every 6th of December is an especially heavy day.
All the marchers get in the streets. School and university students take part, too.
Sometimes, riots can't be avoided, but, in general, we all try to demonstrate at peace.
And, all this for Alexandros Gregoropoulos.

3 years ago, when that happened, I remember learning about it in th news the next morning.
We, as students decided to take over our schools.
And most of us succeeded.

2 years ago, the same, with the taking over, the riots, the marching.

Last year, the truth is that I didn't really hear about what happened on 6th of December.

But this year, today, I did!
Nothing much, thankfully.
Just peaceful demonstrations in the memory of Alexis.

Rest In Peace Alexi, for yet anothr year!

We'll never forget you, and we will always honor your memory.
Every year, we'll demostrate against the unfairness.
Because you were the same age as me when you died.
Just 15 years old.


Saturday, 3 December 2011

Christmas month

Just before I go back to studying Neurobiology [:S blieh! Full of Biology!] and just after watching 2 episodes of Hellcats [:p, yeah I'm up for much studying today!], I wanted to mention that the month of Christmas is finally here!
I would have said that to my previous post, but then again, I hadn't really checked to see that I hadn't posted anything since the start of this month!

So, I wish you all to have a nice month, and let's just count down to Christmas together! <3


22 days 'till Christmas

The countdown for the Holy Days or Holidays has already began!
And we still are 22 days away from Christmas!

Almost all the companies have started giving channels Christmas ads.
All the TV channels show Christmas shows and movies.

It's just amazing!
Every year I almost forget how much I really love Christmas.
And, then they come again!
And everything comes back :D


 Φετος τα Χριστουγεννα για μενα
δεν θα ειναι ιδια με παλια,
θα χω εσενα και εσυ εμενα
κι ολα θα ναι τοτε μαγικα.....:)
Κανε τη στιγμη μας να κρατησει,
οχι οπως τα βεγγαλικα,
μου αρκει που εισαι εσυ κοντα μου
θα ναι η καλυτερη χρονια...πρωτη φορα.....<3

These lyrics suit my dear cousin ;)
But not me...
Not this year, not ever...

But, I don't care.
For me, Christmas isn't just a Love Holiday!
It's something more...
Much more...

If it snowed here in Greece it would be a blessing, and an extra bonus!
But, I guess, you can never have it all! Right? <3


Tuesday, 29 November 2011


°.˛*.˛.°★。˛°  .★** 25 ημέρες για τα Χριστούγεννα *★* *˛.
˛ °_██_*。* ./ ♥ \ .˛* .˛.*.★* *★ 。*
˛.  (´• ̮•)*˛°*  /.♫.♫\*˛.*   ˛_Π_____. * ♥ ˛*
.° ( . • . ) ˛° ./• '♫ ' •\.˛*  ./______/~\*. ˛*.。˛* ˛. *。 
* (...'•'.. ) *˛╬╬╬╬╬˛°.|田田 |門|╬╬╬╬ 30 days for the christmas..♥


This is a Christmas song I've never heard of, before today!
And I'm a Christmas maniac... :O

25 days 'till Christmas!

The Power of Words

Same meaning...
Different words...

Today the professor of Cognitive Psychology showed us this video.

It's touching, and I felt like I had to share it and forward it to everyone!


Sunday, 27 November 2011

How do you know...

...where you belong??

I guess you could think that's an easy question to answer.
So, let's think about it together!

Here I am, having passed to a university out of my city (Way out of my city, in a totally different department, in an island, with sea having to pass, and very expensive airport tickets!) and having met a bunch of new people, I like a lot.
I'm happy, most of the time. At least, when homesickness doesn't kick in!
I'm having a good time!
There are times I've felt so alive and happy! (My nameday definitely included)
I have the advantage of a TOTALLY new beginning! (Even one person I've met that comes from the same area as me, I have neer seen him before coming in Rethymno!)
I can give everyone the impression of the person I'd want to be, although I prefer being honest. Because I know from experience that when you pretend only bad results can come out of it.

So, answer to me this question.
Of course, I haven't completely adjusted to my new lifestyle, and definitely I'm still stressed not only by the fact that my life has taken an unimaginable turn, but also because of all the tests and quizzes we have to study for, something students of faculties of the same or other universities don't have to live through. And I didn't even mention all the projects our professors have assigned us.

But, how would you explain the happiness I got from a simple chat exchange on Facebook?
From the way my perspective changed in the way I view some of the comments made by people I despised until very recently?

And, I still get mad (mostly at myself) because I had decided to leave all these things rest in peace in my past.
I had decided to leave my past behind.

But, you know what?
For a long time I've believed that our past is important to all of us.
It's a (for some big, for others small) part of who we are...

The people we have met and the experiences we had have made us develop to the unique human beings we are today.
Because even twins are born with a predisposition to be the same, but their environment helps them develop their (mostly) different characters.

So, I guess, that's why I'm moved and touched by some things I had sworn I'd leave behind.
And with that, I'll just keep living and see where life goes me!

That's what I'd advise you all to do.
If you have a different opinion, I'd be more than glad to hear and discuss it!
It's something that still disturbs me...


Power failure

I haven't even checked whether or not I've posted anything this month! :/
Anyway, it doesn't matter! I'm here, now!

Something was wrong with my tv, which suddenly just turned off by itself. After much hour of surfing on the net I decided to go check it out. And realised that it wouldn't open, no matter what!
So, after checking the laptop that's not charging I decided that we're having a power failure!
Which means that I can't continue with my housework. AND, more importantly I can't cook... :/ What am I going to eat?? I'll improvise, I guess. Thankfully, I'm not hungry, yet!
But, I'm afraid I will be, soon!
You know, when you know you can't do something that's exactly when you want to do it the most!

Another point, I'd like to comment on, is that two days ago was my NAMEDAY!
Here in Greece the majority of people are Christian Orthodoxes, so, as we learned in the subject of Clinical Psychology (imagine me drooling just with the mere reference to this class *.*), everybody here takes it for granted to wish to everyone a happy nameday, when that day comes!
So, my name, coming from Saint Catherine, is celebrated on November 25th.
And that was an exceptional day for me! For the first time after many many years!
And not because it was my nameday! I think that was only a small advantage!
The fact that I had a "pajama party" with one of my friends, also helped a lot!
So, yeah!
Oooh, and of course the fact that the previous day I had received some messages on Facebook chat...
But I'm gonna talk about that in the next post.

Here, I just want to add a song I like very much! One of my favorites, actually!
And it is related to this post's second sentence ;D

I've missed so much LP <3


Wednesday, 16 November 2011

25 Ways to Wear a Scarf :D

Today I've been studying Neurobiology all day long!! :O
From noon to 9:55pm!
With 2 1-hour breaks, of course, but still...
It wasn't as tiring as I expecting it, thankfully!

Soo, I've been meaning to look for some ways to wear my scarves!
And that's it!
I found this amazing video, without even looking for it!

Check it out!! :D

Wow, awsomness!

I liked this video's editing sooo much! So creative, and all!
Phew... Congrats!
And the styling of the scarves??


Saturday, 12 November 2011


Well, well, well...
Yesterday the date was 11/11/11!
Cool, huh?
A horror movie even came out for this particular day!
Isn't that really cool??
Another cool date will also be 20.11.2011

So, watch out for it, too! :D
The next awsome day will be 12.12.12, but until then who knows what happens!
And some days later we'll have 20.12.2012

For some people this will be the next-to-last day of our earth.
Do you really believe the world will come to an end on this date???
I don't think so...
My teacher used to tell us last year that 21.12.2012, that Mayas predicted would be the end of the world, has already passed for them!
Their year 2012 has come and passed for the Mayas.
Because, OBVIOUSLY, they didn't count like us!
2000 B.C. [Before Christ] and 2000 A.D. [Anno Domini]

If that was the case, they'd have predicted that Christ would come to the earth, and that the nations that would decent them would count differently.

Also, what about all those nations that count in a different way than us???
The world will end for them later??? Or sooner???

Some people also believe that there will be a certain hour when everything ends.
Will it be on GMT +0, or what??
How can anyone else count???

I don't know. I just think it's ridiculous.
I personally think that the world is gonna end only when humanity reaches the lowest point we can master!
Or, when an especially big discovery happens!
Or, when we'll be very very developed. Yes, like it's shown in the movies!
But, anyway!

All those people that believe our world is gonna end in 1 year share a belief!
And, I'm gonna respect that!

I'm just saying that in 1 year 1 month and some hours in the future, I'll try and be here (I hope)!
I'm gonna post before and after the end of the world!
Let's share this experience together!


Sunday, 30 October 2011

6000 pageviews

Wow, thank you very much!
To all of you that have read even one of my posts!
And of course, a special thank-you to all my 10 followers (most of whom I have to admit I know personally :p)

See you soon through a post! :D


Saturday, 29 October 2011

Να μείνουμε εδώ!

Συνεχώς ακούμε ότι λόγω της όλο αυξανόμενης ανεργίας πολλοί νέοι μας φεύγουν στο εξωτερικό κι αναζητούν εκεί εργασία. Όλα τα λμπρά μυαλά μας φεύγουν για την ακρίβεια.
Ακόμα κι αν φύγουν απλά για να σπουδάσουν έξω, τους καλύτερους τους κρατάνε (εμ, βλάκες σαν εμάς θα ήταν να τους αφήσουν να φύγουν??)
Κι από την άλλη, βλέποντας τις ειδήσεις του STAR Channel μπορείς να ακούσεις και σοβαρά πράγματα μέσα από την πλάκα...
Π.χ. όλα αυτά τα μοντέλα που λένε ότι δε θα ξενιτευτούν σαν κάποιες συναδέλφισσες τους για να βρουν δουλειά. Καιι λένε κάτι πολύ σωστό! Ότι θα μείνουν εδώ να το παλέψουν...

Κι ενώ κι εγώ έχω σκεφτεί άπειρες φορές να συνεχίσω τις σπουδές μου στο εξωτερικό, ή ακόμα και να πάω μόνιμα στο εξωτερικό, για λόγους που έχουν να κάνουν από το "σε τέτοιο κόσμο θα φέρω τα παιδιά μου?" (σκεπτόμενη το λαμπρό εκπαιδευτικό μας σύστημα) μέχρι την επαγγελματική αποκατάσταση, έρχονται κάτι τέτοιες στιγμές που αναθεωρώ...

Όποιος ισχυρίζεται ότι αγαπάει κάτι (ή κάποιον) δεν πρέπει να μείνει να αντιμετωπίσει και τις καλές και τις κακές στιγμές (μαζί του)?
Και εντάξει, να φύγεις αν δεις ότι θα'ναι το καλύτερο ή αν εξαντλήσεις όλες τις υπόλοιπες προοπτικές στη χώρα σου...
Αλλά όχι χωρίς να το έχεις παλέψει πρώτα στον τόπο σου.
Δε θα'ναι δειλία αν το κάνεις αυτό? Να μην προσπαθήσεις?

Και δεν είμαι ούτε τοπικίστρια, ούτε φοβάμαι το άγνωστο.
Το πρώτο ποτέ δεν το είχα (πολύ, τουλάχιστον) και το δεύτερο το'χω ξεπεράσει προπολλού!
Αλοίμονο, τόσο καιρό που μένω σε μια καινούρια πόλη.

Απλά, αναρωτιέμαι...
Και πολύ θα ήθελα να ακούσω κι άλλες απόψεις...


Thursday, 20 October 2011

2 Quizzes at Once

What Japanese goddess are you?

You are Ame-no-Mi-Kumari

Kumari is the water goddess. Her powers are controling water and the elements, like summoning lightning bolts and generating floods and creating tidal waves. She is the heavenly water divider

And, because I've taken this test again, I'll post another one below :*

What's your fairytale story and character?

Mysterious Rumours

result image You’re moody, like to think about life and dead to all things fantasy. Or you appear to be, anyway. You’ve probably been disillusioned by some event and therefore have decided to give up on magic, preferring instead to live in the certainty of boring present day Earth. That doesn’t mean you actually belong here, though. Your story will probably start when you go to visit an old castle one day.....

{And the rest is history *gulp* sorry, story I meant}

And the possible answers in the last question, I so much liked, below!

...Moon. It's got all that mystery around it.


Missing Dancing

What Kind of Dancer Are You?

Your Dancing is Wild and Free!

result image When the music starts thumping, you can feel the beat pumping, and you just let loose! You never care what others think. When you dance, you just feel the music and move. You're dance phrase is simply, Rock out! A tip is to wear something flowy so it's easier to move!

(When I'm at a party, of course. In ballet you can't really improvise that much :D)


That, I'd like.

Would you survive in medieval ages?


You do anything to survive, may it be stealing a crust of bread or becoming the guard of a nobleman. Your survival instincts are up to par. You think before doing anything stupid and your mind has no match. You don't need modern technology to survive, somehow, you find a way.

Ooow, I just love the Middle Ages! <3
But, I'm not quite sure I'd like to live in those times...
Firstly, because these were HARD times, and not so nice as they're described in books, movies, etc etc.
Secondly, because I'm not sure I'd like to live without technology. I rely too much to it, I guess, but I can't help it! I love progress, especially when it's written in history. Not much is important about Middle Ages. These were Dark Times.
They had their beauty, though!



I looove this result :D
Take a pick ;')

What Mythical Being Is In Love With You 

♥♥♥ Nekos Love You Best

result image

There is also a story, but I'm not going to post it here!
If you wanna read it, visit Quizilla.
Now I'm off ot read it :D


Actually interesting.

I hadn't really thought you could possibly be part of two different things.
But well, this is my result!
How can I say otherwise??

Are You a Moon or a Sun

Yin Yang (Both)

result image Now, this is interesting. You have both a fire in you heard and a coolness in your soul. You can have the best of both: able to see ahead of your actions and to easily make friends. Unfortunately, you are still bounding with energy and unable to keep still. Either that, or you tire easily when around to many people. Don't worry though, with a little alone time you can get back to playing with friends.

And I'll copy in the same post another quiz, because it's from the same Quizzila member.
Also, it's about the same story, so yeah!

What Wolf Walkers Character are you?

Arisa the Pink Wolf

result image You are animated and trustworthy. You are a bundle of joy. When your friends need you, you are right there in the middle of it. Nothing could keep you away!


Good? Or, not?

I'm not entirely sure what to think of it...
It's good? Or not so much! I didn't think my answers were going to have that effect!
But anyway, here it is!

What Sort of a Celebrity Would You Be


Pop Icon

result image You'd be the kind of a celebrity that everyone would know, be it a homeless guy or Ling Lu Doh from the depths of an Asian jungle. Your life would be their life. People would wanna eat like you, talk like you, look like you and take trivia tests about you. Your private life would be a mystery far less exciting than the lies written in the tabloids. Your fame would last about a century after your death but would gradually fade out, like all the others.


Deja vu!

 That reminds me of something...
Spoooky... :S

What Planet Are You


result image Your Mercury. You are lonesome a lot but you don't care. You try to find the fun in it.


Historic times :')

We live historic times those days! :')
Especially today!
With all that happens not only here in Greece, but also in Libya, and the world generally!
While the strike continues from yesterday in general, our professors today were there, ready to teach us! I didn't go, though :p I had 9 hours of lessons in a row today! Pfff, you get why I preferred to stay home and do the housework, right?? :D
And ok, I know how significant days we're living, but I'm still taking quizzes. :D Of course!

So here are the results!

What's your mermaid name


result image You sit in the sun all day long just soaking up the sun. You also are vary social you can talk forever and ever and never run out of things to say to someone. some call you lazy you call your self creative!
the sea you live in Caribbean Sea
you were born:Cancer
your stone is:Emerald
your water animal is:sea turtle
your song is:Sunshine girl by britt nicole
your tail color is:red and yellow
your power:talk anyone into anything
your life will always be good while your in the ocean.


Wednesday, 19 October 2011

And that's for today!

The EPIC Personality Quiz

{With answers that are only one sentence}

You do a lot of thinking.

You tend to over think things sometimes.



You Witch!

What Kind of Witch/Warlock Are You

Sugar & Spice Witch

result image You're funny, smart, and cheerful, though sometimes you can be sarcastic. You're sometimes known as a drama queen and can be a bit klutzy! You have two sides; a nice side where you're nice and funny, but also a bad sad, when people annoy you to the point where you snap.



Dilemmas on quizzes

It's an often problem to me. I come face-to-face with some dilemmas.
Some questions aren't that hard.
But, some others require a philosophical point of view by my side!
Like this one for example:

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Hmm, it's a tough one, considering that my priorities change from time to time, and from experience to experience. Even today, even this week, I'd say something totally different than what I'd choose some months ago! Aaaah, sweet maturity!! :D

Which Aquatic Sea Creature Would You Be

Sea Sponge

result image You rarely move. When you do move, you don't go far. You sit and observe what happens around you rather than go to partake in any of it.

{Excuse me?? Is that even considered a Creature?? :O Anyway, the quiz is right, in a way... :/}




What Colour Is Your Aura

You have a red aura!

result image Your aura is red, like a deep red rose, or a juicy apple. This indicates you are a highly passionate person in all aspects of your life. You enjoy challenges at work and/or at school. You are confident within yourself, and have high self esteem. You enjoy being in love and having a relationship, but you do not let this hinder your independence in any way. You are an individual who knows what they want out of life, and you are not afraid to get it. You can be described as an opportunist, and a lover. Your lucky stone is the ruby, and you are ruled by the heart.


Quiz Maniac

What Symbol Represents You

Smiley Face

You're a 'Smiley Face' because you're silly and like to make people laugh. Why not put on a show for your friends or family?

{I just love taking quizzes. My problem is only that my results can't be shown to the blogger}