Friday, 16 December 2011

Ol' good memories

 I remembered my passion for LP a few days ago, so I started searching their songs again today!
So, Waiting for the End is one of those songs that might be written for a different kinf od situation, but it was also exactly what I was feeling last year in a different one.
I was waiting for the end.
And it came!
And, now I'm extra happy, with my new beginning.
Which was hard, believe me, but it was worth the shot.
So, I suggest that to all of you.
If you feel bad in a situation don't waste any more time to it.
Move on.
It will be the best for all. And, most of all? For you!

And, I'd also like to post The Catalyst.
The rhythm makes my hair stand up.
God Bless us All.
So, enjoy!


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