Saturday, 17 December 2011

Rose or Adrian's fault?

Ow, I love analyzing psychologically the characters of books and their actions.
It's just amazing.

So, about Rose and Adrian's (from Vampire Academy) break-off I have to comment that.
In every human 2-people relationship both of them are at fault.

Adrian ignored the signs and, in my opinion, he actually knew that Rose wasn't all that hot for him (not as much as with Dimitri, anyway) from the beginning. He actually had to make a deal with her for Rose to decide to give him a chance. And, well, that was it. A chance to see if that would work out. She never said she loved him more than Dimitri, or anything. And, if he wanted her that much, she dicided to try with him to get over her former tutor.

But, obviously, she didn't make it. And, the fact that she slept with Dimitri while in a relationship with Adrian is wrong, but it's not only her fault. She had already decided to break it off with Adrian. The Moroi was so heart-broken mainly because he found out the way he did. I think he would have expected that the love between Rose and Dimitri would fire up again if they were all alone together.

And, anyway, generally when someone cheats it's not only their fault. It's the other person's fault, too. For different reasons every time.

My opinion. And psychologists'.

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