Saturday, 3 December 2011

22 days 'till Christmas

The countdown for the Holy Days or Holidays has already began!
And we still are 22 days away from Christmas!

Almost all the companies have started giving channels Christmas ads.
All the TV channels show Christmas shows and movies.

It's just amazing!
Every year I almost forget how much I really love Christmas.
And, then they come again!
And everything comes back :D


 Φετος τα Χριστουγεννα για μενα
δεν θα ειναι ιδια με παλια,
θα χω εσενα και εσυ εμενα
κι ολα θα ναι τοτε μαγικα.....:)
Κανε τη στιγμη μας να κρατησει,
οχι οπως τα βεγγαλικα,
μου αρκει που εισαι εσυ κοντα μου
θα ναι η καλυτερη χρονια...πρωτη φορα.....<3

These lyrics suit my dear cousin ;)
But not me...
Not this year, not ever...

But, I don't care.
For me, Christmas isn't just a Love Holiday!
It's something more...
Much more...

If it snowed here in Greece it would be a blessing, and an extra bonus!
But, I guess, you can never have it all! Right? <3


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