Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Another 6th of December

 Just like every year, today was a special day for us Greeks, and, especially, for us the young people of Greece...

3 years ago a boy my own age lost his life...
He was only 15 years old.

Many greek walls still carry the marks of that day, with all the graffitis talking about the unfairness of the government, which lets policemen kill in cold blood the youth.

Every 6th of December is an especially heavy day.
All the marchers get in the streets. School and university students take part, too.
Sometimes, riots can't be avoided, but, in general, we all try to demonstrate at peace.
And, all this for Alexandros Gregoropoulos.

3 years ago, when that happened, I remember learning about it in th news the next morning.
We, as students decided to take over our schools.
And most of us succeeded.

2 years ago, the same, with the taking over, the riots, the marching.

Last year, the truth is that I didn't really hear about what happened on 6th of December.

But this year, today, I did!
Nothing much, thankfully.
Just peaceful demonstrations in the memory of Alexis.

Rest In Peace Alexi, for yet anothr year!

We'll never forget you, and we will always honor your memory.
Every year, we'll demostrate against the unfairness.
Because you were the same age as me when you died.
Just 15 years old.


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