Thursday, 20 October 2011

Historic times :')

We live historic times those days! :')
Especially today!
With all that happens not only here in Greece, but also in Libya, and the world generally!
While the strike continues from yesterday in general, our professors today were there, ready to teach us! I didn't go, though :p I had 9 hours of lessons in a row today! Pfff, you get why I preferred to stay home and do the housework, right?? :D
And ok, I know how significant days we're living, but I'm still taking quizzes. :D Of course!

So here are the results!

What's your mermaid name


result image You sit in the sun all day long just soaking up the sun. You also are vary social you can talk forever and ever and never run out of things to say to someone. some call you lazy you call your self creative!
the sea you live in Caribbean Sea
you were born:Cancer
your stone is:Emerald
your water animal is:sea turtle
your song is:Sunshine girl by britt nicole
your tail color is:red and yellow
your power:talk anyone into anything
your life will always be good while your in the ocean.


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