Monday, 17 October 2011

UoC + Gryffindor

Ooow, I haven't been here for a long, long time, haven't I?
I'm so... um... busy, yeah!
I'm not quite sure because you know... I'm not at all times so busy.
But, I'm so tired. 2 days ago I was asleep for 11 hours. And I guess that I would be able to continue if it wasn't for the noise in the building.
My opinions...
My teachers are cool! Lots of them are young, so it's easier for them to understand our situation!
The lessons? Well, the first week went by quite well!
Today was a tough one, though...
The first lesson of Neurobiology was so easy. It was the introduction. But why, why, why does it have to do so much with chemistry?? We talked about water (H2O) and proteins and pH. Bleh!
But ok, I'll survive.
The tests or quizzes or whatever are another matter altogether, though...
And yep, first day of the second week and we already had to choose a subject for a project.
We just hope we won't have to use PowerPoint (which means that we don't want to present it in front of the whole class :p).
Go go John Locke! :D
Psychology and Philosophy! All about him :D
Hmm... Now that I think about it I have to find some partners for an English project, too. But, it's tough. 3 students?? Pff.. And this time we'll HAVE to present it in front of the class... :/
Hmm... About English?
We're gonna study the Terminology of Clinical Psychology!
How cool!
And where the heck is the Computer Laboratory?? I never found it! :p




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