Thursday, 20 October 2011

Actually interesting.

I hadn't really thought you could possibly be part of two different things.
But well, this is my result!
How can I say otherwise??

Are You a Moon or a Sun

Yin Yang (Both)

result image Now, this is interesting. You have both a fire in you heard and a coolness in your soul. You can have the best of both: able to see ahead of your actions and to easily make friends. Unfortunately, you are still bounding with energy and unable to keep still. Either that, or you tire easily when around to many people. Don't worry though, with a little alone time you can get back to playing with friends.

And I'll copy in the same post another quiz, because it's from the same Quizzila member.
Also, it's about the same story, so yeah!

What Wolf Walkers Character are you?

Arisa the Pink Wolf

result image You are animated and trustworthy. You are a bundle of joy. When your friends need you, you are right there in the middle of it. Nothing could keep you away!


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