Thursday, 20 October 2011

2 Quizzes at Once

What Japanese goddess are you?

You are Ame-no-Mi-Kumari

Kumari is the water goddess. Her powers are controling water and the elements, like summoning lightning bolts and generating floods and creating tidal waves. She is the heavenly water divider

And, because I've taken this test again, I'll post another one below :*

What's your fairytale story and character?

Mysterious Rumours

result image You’re moody, like to think about life and dead to all things fantasy. Or you appear to be, anyway. You’ve probably been disillusioned by some event and therefore have decided to give up on magic, preferring instead to live in the certainty of boring present day Earth. That doesn’t mean you actually belong here, though. Your story will probably start when you go to visit an old castle one day.....

{And the rest is history *gulp* sorry, story I meant}

And the possible answers in the last question, I so much liked, below!

...Moon. It's got all that mystery around it.


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