Sunday, 27 November 2011

How do you know...

...where you belong??

I guess you could think that's an easy question to answer.
So, let's think about it together!

Here I am, having passed to a university out of my city (Way out of my city, in a totally different department, in an island, with sea having to pass, and very expensive airport tickets!) and having met a bunch of new people, I like a lot.
I'm happy, most of the time. At least, when homesickness doesn't kick in!
I'm having a good time!
There are times I've felt so alive and happy! (My nameday definitely included)
I have the advantage of a TOTALLY new beginning! (Even one person I've met that comes from the same area as me, I have neer seen him before coming in Rethymno!)
I can give everyone the impression of the person I'd want to be, although I prefer being honest. Because I know from experience that when you pretend only bad results can come out of it.

So, answer to me this question.
Of course, I haven't completely adjusted to my new lifestyle, and definitely I'm still stressed not only by the fact that my life has taken an unimaginable turn, but also because of all the tests and quizzes we have to study for, something students of faculties of the same or other universities don't have to live through. And I didn't even mention all the projects our professors have assigned us.

But, how would you explain the happiness I got from a simple chat exchange on Facebook?
From the way my perspective changed in the way I view some of the comments made by people I despised until very recently?

And, I still get mad (mostly at myself) because I had decided to leave all these things rest in peace in my past.
I had decided to leave my past behind.

But, you know what?
For a long time I've believed that our past is important to all of us.
It's a (for some big, for others small) part of who we are...

The people we have met and the experiences we had have made us develop to the unique human beings we are today.
Because even twins are born with a predisposition to be the same, but their environment helps them develop their (mostly) different characters.

So, I guess, that's why I'm moved and touched by some things I had sworn I'd leave behind.
And with that, I'll just keep living and see where life goes me!

That's what I'd advise you all to do.
If you have a different opinion, I'd be more than glad to hear and discuss it!
It's something that still disturbs me...


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