Saturday, 12 November 2011


Well, well, well...
Yesterday the date was 11/11/11!
Cool, huh?
A horror movie even came out for this particular day!
Isn't that really cool??
Another cool date will also be 20.11.2011

So, watch out for it, too! :D
The next awsome day will be 12.12.12, but until then who knows what happens!
And some days later we'll have 20.12.2012

For some people this will be the next-to-last day of our earth.
Do you really believe the world will come to an end on this date???
I don't think so...
My teacher used to tell us last year that 21.12.2012, that Mayas predicted would be the end of the world, has already passed for them!
Their year 2012 has come and passed for the Mayas.
Because, OBVIOUSLY, they didn't count like us!
2000 B.C. [Before Christ] and 2000 A.D. [Anno Domini]

If that was the case, they'd have predicted that Christ would come to the earth, and that the nations that would decent them would count differently.

Also, what about all those nations that count in a different way than us???
The world will end for them later??? Or sooner???

Some people also believe that there will be a certain hour when everything ends.
Will it be on GMT +0, or what??
How can anyone else count???

I don't know. I just think it's ridiculous.
I personally think that the world is gonna end only when humanity reaches the lowest point we can master!
Or, when an especially big discovery happens!
Or, when we'll be very very developed. Yes, like it's shown in the movies!
But, anyway!

All those people that believe our world is gonna end in 1 year share a belief!
And, I'm gonna respect that!

I'm just saying that in 1 year 1 month and some hours in the future, I'll try and be here (I hope)!
I'm gonna post before and after the end of the world!
Let's share this experience together!


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