Sunday, 27 November 2011

Power failure

I haven't even checked whether or not I've posted anything this month! :/
Anyway, it doesn't matter! I'm here, now!

Something was wrong with my tv, which suddenly just turned off by itself. After much hour of surfing on the net I decided to go check it out. And realised that it wouldn't open, no matter what!
So, after checking the laptop that's not charging I decided that we're having a power failure!
Which means that I can't continue with my housework. AND, more importantly I can't cook... :/ What am I going to eat?? I'll improvise, I guess. Thankfully, I'm not hungry, yet!
But, I'm afraid I will be, soon!
You know, when you know you can't do something that's exactly when you want to do it the most!

Another point, I'd like to comment on, is that two days ago was my NAMEDAY!
Here in Greece the majority of people are Christian Orthodoxes, so, as we learned in the subject of Clinical Psychology (imagine me drooling just with the mere reference to this class *.*), everybody here takes it for granted to wish to everyone a happy nameday, when that day comes!
So, my name, coming from Saint Catherine, is celebrated on November 25th.
And that was an exceptional day for me! For the first time after many many years!
And not because it was my nameday! I think that was only a small advantage!
The fact that I had a "pajama party" with one of my friends, also helped a lot!
So, yeah!
Oooh, and of course the fact that the previous day I had received some messages on Facebook chat...
But I'm gonna talk about that in the next post.

Here, I just want to add a song I like very much! One of my favorites, actually!
And it is related to this post's second sentence ;D

I've missed so much LP <3


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