Thursday, 15 March 2012

The Hunger Games

Well, for me and everyone else that has already read the first, at least, book of The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, the 74th Hunger Games have already began and ended in a spectacular way!
We know who won.

But, that, as far as the book is concerned.

The movie featuring the 74th Games will be out soon. March 23rd, to be exact. Which leaves us only 7 days and some hours to get prepared and anxious about it.
Personally, I can't wait to see the movie.

And, because I've seen the trailer countless times since its official release in I shall say I've become addicted to a soundtrack that it contains. And, of course Rue's lullaby. But, that, not so much!

So, here's the awesome Deep Shadows that got me totally hooked.
It makes my skin crawl. I adore it. Enjoy it.

Also, did I mention that I became a citizen of Panem, too?
Haha, through Facebook, of course, but it doesn't matter.
And, to be exact, I'm a citizen of District 1.
Lucky me.
It's the District of Luxury, or so it's said.
I'm assigned to have an occupation as a Furrier.
Hehe, even luckier me!

Well, the tributes of District 1 might be Careers, but it doesn't really matter. Or, does it?

On The 74th Hunger Games, where Katniss and Peeta participated, the tributes from this -my?- District were Marvel and Glimmer. I totally remember who they were, and who they got killed by. Awesome, huh?


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