Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Connected, Tuned, Sim-ed

First of all, I shall say a huge Thank you to everyone that has viewed those notes and scribbles (I'm not referring to my reviews. Those are just thoughts, but not scribbled down ones. I try taking good care of them.) found in this certain web page.

My pageviews have gone over 10,000 and I'm immensely happy and want to give back the gift, but don't really know the way. Should I organise a giveaway? I'd love that, and actually I've been planning it for quite a while, but well, too many projects are on queue right now. Today I even had a presentation. And, I just completed the abstract for it some minutes ago. Well, nobody said good grades in university are obtained easily. And, nobody would care, I suspect, if it wasn't for our Master's and Doctoral degrees that have to line up next, for further education, and, well, a better carreer, or, at least, a better professional future. Not in Greece, of course. I'm not sure how things will develop if all Ph.D.'s stay in this country. But, anyway, we'll come to it when it's time. Take small steps at a time, right?

Anyway, as of today, several years, or centuries, ago, Graham Bell gained ground with his invention. The phone, I mean.

And, today I (finally) got my Internet and phone connection on my new house. Not home. Just house. The distinction between those two words is pretty thin, though. Why? Well, mainly because I, like many people, tend to associate things with people, and not just my feelings. So, the phrase Home is where the Heart is doesn't need to be associated with the building. But, with the feelings I we experienced in that building, and with all the people associated with them.
And, THAT was some serious scribbling I did right now.

Anyway, I hadn't played The Sims 3 or The Sims Medieval: Pirates & Nobles for quite some time, and I deeply enjoyed it while at home. I got quite obsessed once again. And, the thing is, I wasn't really supposed to be in this place. I just got sick and furthered my stay.

So, I'm off now, to go obsess over Mac, Barrons, V'lane and their adventures, treasons, eventful lives.
And, most of all, their Fever for living life. To the fullest, maybe, but it's not like they could do otherwise. I think I finally found some series to really adore, almost matching my adoration for Vampire Academy.


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