Sunday, 25 March 2012

The Slow Mo Guys

I just realized that due to the change of the hour this night (from winter to summer time), I'll lose one whole hour of my sleep.
And, I wouldn't mind if I hadn't a travel to make.
And, of course, if I didn't have to wake up early again on Monday.

But, anyway, today, while I was supposed to do some housework, I also roamed through YouTube.
The results? Very interesting!
Well, Slow Mo(tion) is a very interesting thing, anyway.

So, a sample of The Slow Mo Guys' work.

Of course, I chose the videos about Lloyd the cat. What a surprise!

I couldn't help it. She's just such a beautiful cat!
Whoops, no offense Gav and Dan!! I just love cats, that's all... Ahem... Haha.

Check the rest of their work, too!
I did. All of their 55 videos in one day! Wow.
They're utterly amazing!


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