Saturday, 18 February 2012

The Golden Lily non-spoiler reaction Tweets

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Sydney and her coffee - just like old times. pg 4

Well that's just plain creepy. pg 15

Dear Adrian, you are hilarious! pg 22

Eddie Castile is there nothing you won't do pg 32

Awwh Trey, you big softie pg 35

Always calm, always cool - good work Dimitri Belikov pg 43

Hmm not sure who we don't believe, but someone is lying pg 55

Well Angeline that's one way to approach things pg 61

Awwh everyone is so excited! pg 77

Sydney, should you really be thinking that at this moment? pg 91

What does purple mean?? pg 108

OH YEAH! Listen to what he's saying pg 111

Awkward have you met uncomfortable? pg 128

Sure you did Adrian, sure you did pg 136

Oh you did NOT just say that! Step off! pg 157

Sydney Sage you're freakin awesome! pg 162

Yes, absolutely take that phone call but next time put it on speaker phone. We wanna hear too pg 178

Badass is in the house! pg 185

Alarm bells! Alarms bells are ringing! pg 199

That does not surprise us at all Adrian Ivashkov pg 208

We get really different mail compared to Sydney pg 220

Eddie you charmer! pg 225

Good instincts Jill but timing, not so great pg 234

Really? You're brave enough to do that to Latte. Good luck! pg 239

WHAT! AHHHH! That is just down right mean @RichelleMead re pg 250

SA-WOOON!!!!!!!! pg 252

So crafty Ms. Terwilliger, so very crafty pg 259

This is not good pg 267

Nice move Ivashkov, very nice move pg 280

Ooch! Low blow dude pg 293

Awwh Sydney, don't feel that way pg 304

Mirror, mirror who's in an identical situation but doesn't know it yet? pg 307

If only you knew that was completely the wrong thing to say pg 315

Oh no, what happened?! pg 319

Nothing sexier than courage and bravery pg 333

No! Not them, they can't be pg 341

That's right, Eddie is awesome. Don't you forget it pg 349

Hah! Watch your mouth because we know someone who wouldn't like being called that name at all pg 351

It's not the VA/Bloodlines world without mention of this pg 357

We agree Sydney, what did he promise? pg 360

You do realize you're all a whole bunch of crazy right? pg 370

You don't have a Belikov, we do so suck it pg 378

One day, the lid is going to blow right off this thing pg 381

How do you like it now?! Coz that's how we roll pg 382

That's it Sydney, you go! pg 393

He did try, you know he did! pg 395

Well that is sort of unexpected pg 396

Meddle, we want you to meddle!! pg 397

Say more damn it, go with your instincts and say more pg 403

That is so not cool, especially in the midst of possible epicness pg 407

Oh really?! You think that do you? Pg 412

Oh snaps Adrian - you tell 'em! Exactly what they needed to hear pg 418

OH. MY. GOD!!!!!! pg 420

Can't. Breath. Too. Much pg 422

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pg 425 last page of The Golden Lily

@RichelleMead you've done it again. GL: amazing, funny, action filled, heartbreaking all at once; often on the same page. 


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