Sunday, 18 October 2015

My Wand

Browsing through my posts, I happened to find this one, which concerns the quiz of the Wand Selector provided by Pottermore.

My wand according to J.K.Rowling was

Length: 12 1/2 in

Wood: Aspen
Core: Dragon
Flexibility: Unbending

(You can find out more about the interpretation of these materials here.)

That made me feel nostalgic about Pottermore and I tried to get back to the site and explore a bit. So, imagine my surprise when I found out that this awesome site was no longer the same. It was changed so drastically and in such a sudden way that I found myself to be a little baffled.

Yes, I hadn't really cared to visit for a very long time, but for it to no longer exist, it was quite the shock. Now it's just a collection of articles about the Harry Potter World. So much less interesting. No longer Houses, Wands, House Cups, Spells, Duels, Brewing of Potions.
It is actually a little sad.

Anyway, I originally started this post, to talk about the fact that, back when I wrote the first post I mention right in my first sentence, I had found out about an another Wand Selector, the one made by GreenOak, apparently. It can be found here.

Since this site still functions normally, I decided to take the quiz. And, my results were the following:

As for the interpretations? Read on!

And, finally, let me post a message from the Creator of this Wand Selector.


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