Saturday, 12 February 2011


I like reading books, and surfing on the net, and listening to music, and watching tv, movies & series, and going out with my friends, and just having fun! I don't have much time right now, though..
With school and all these exams it's a hard year for me and I have hardly enough time to just relax and get my mind off of everything... Actually, these were 2 hard years! But ok... We have still 3 months of a lot of studying... And then? A LOT OF stress until we know we have passed! Only when we'll be accepted by the university we desire we'll be ok again! Then, we'll find happiness... And more time for everything...
But for now?? Stress & studying is into our plans!
At least we had frod... Frodistirion, to be exact!
At first it was just something we had to attend... It's a tradition here!
When the school doesn't do what it's supposed to (pretty much always, that is), or even if it does that (rare but can happen) every single student in Greece goes to frod at the last 2 classes of high school!
So, at the beginning I just went, not expecting much of it... We even had some classmates we didn't like in the same classroom, but we got used to each other... More important?? We got to liking each other! Now, we are close to friends! The class is even better than the class at school... We have more fun!
We also got to have a bond with our teachers at frod... Many of our school teachers don't even know our names, yet... And it's almost the end of the school year... But, at the frod?? We have fun with almost every single teacher of ours! Only one person is too stressed this year to let us have fun inside his class... But the exception proves the rule, right?
Yesterday we had a surprise party for our teacher! He turned 39! He teaches us Ancient Greek!
Happy Birthday! :D

That was a prologue? I don't know!
I'll see what I'm gonna do at summer, when I have plenty of time! Hopefully... :p


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