Sunday, 13 February 2011

Vasilisa Dragomir

Lissa is last in the line of the royal Dragomir’s. Her whole family was killed in a car crash which she by a miracle, survived and now the weight of her ancestors’ great history is upon her shoulders. Lissa is kind and generous and has a special affinity with animals – this makes the events in Vampire Academy all the more stressful and Lissa resorts to cutting herself as an outlet. As other Moroi around her specialize in their elements Lissa worries because hasn’t shown any special preference for any of the elements. Lissa has a special power though – she can heal. Only she and Rose know it, and after some research the pair find out that St.Vladimir himself could heal people too and his guardian Anna, was shadow-kissed like Rose. Lissa finds out that she is a spirit user and with the help of Adrian attempts to try and hone her skills and work on her powers, however every time she uses spirit, blackness engulfs her aura and then leaks into Rose and consumes her.

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