Wednesday, 22 June 2011


 That date is really important to me!

On June 20th I turned 18. I joined Adulthood, something I longed for quite a time!
Now I am an adult, and ready to go out to the real world, with all the good and the bad things it contains!
We should be brave! We shouldn't cling to the past, because then we lose the present! And the future...
Every age has its advantages and disadvantages!
Being a little child means that you can be careless and carefree, but you must study for school. Every class seems more difficult that the previous, until you reach the last one, which is the most difficult of all!
When you grow up you have more things to think about, as you have a job and your own money, so you should spend them wisely.
If you make a family you will have even more to think about and take care of! It souns difficult, but we should all think about all the good times our partner and our children are going to give us and/or share with us! You will see your children grow up and make their own families, and then their children grow up, and if you're lucky enough you will see the children of your children make a family, too!
Don't be afraid of growing up and getting old. This is just part of the plan! We should want to grow old well, and of course don't be afraid of death! We don't know what comes next, so why be afraid? It might be better than now after our life! It might not... But we won't know, until we go where we're supposed to go after we die!

Anyway, that date [20.6.2011] is really important to me for another reason, too!

That day I got the results of my exams! Well, not only me... All the students of the last class of Senior High School in my country!
Some of us were happy, some other were disappointed... I'm with the latter! As the majority of the students I know!
But, you know what? I've been thinking about it, and I decided that Everything happens for a Reason!
What that reason is? We'll learn it while the events take place! But we'll become wiser and know more things that way. I'm afraid that's the only way! Oh, the Faults, too... But I guess that's again just part of the plan!

Who's responsible of that plan I'm always talking about??
Well, that's what we're gonna learn after we die!
I guess, we, humans, are supposed to learn our whole life, and after our life, too!

So, let's stay optimistic and see the happy side of the life! That's the only way, in my opinion, we're going to succeed in our lives! Not only in our carreer or in our family, but also in our...self-making!


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