Friday, 10 June 2011

Hatsune Miku

 A virtual idol in Japan! Wow!

Hatsune Miku (初音ミク?) is a singing synthesizer application with a female persona, developed by Crypton Future Media. It uses Yamaha Corporation's Vocaloid 2 synthesizing technology. The name of the character comes from a fusion of the Japanese for first ( hatsu?), sound ( ne?) and future (Miku (ミク?) sounds like a nanori reading of future, 未来, normally read as "mirai"[1]), referring to her position as the first of Crypton's "Character Vocal Series". She was the second Vocaloid to be sold using the Vocaloid 2 engine and the first Japanese Vocaloid to use the Japanese version of the Vocaloid 2 engine. Her voice is sampled from Japanese voice actress, Saki Fujita. Hatsune Miku has performed onstage as a projection.[2]

Miku and other Vocaloids began to appear in concerts in Japan 2009, since then she has made appearances outside of Japan. Hatsune Miku performed her first "live" concert like a virtual idol on a projection screen during Animelo Summer Live at the Saitama Super Arena on August 22, 2009.[22][23] At the "MikuFes '09 (Summer)" event on August 31, 2009, her image was screened by rear projection on a mostly-transparent screen.[24] Miku also performed her first overseas live concert on November 21, 2009, during Anime Festival Asia (AFA) in Singapore.[25][26] On March 9, 2010, Miku's first solo live performance titled "Miku no Hi Kanshasai 39's Giving Day" was opened at the Zepp Tokyo in Odaiba, Tokyo.[27][28] The tour was run as part of promotions for Sega's Hatsune Miku: Project Diva video game in March 2010.[29] The success and possibility of these tours is owed to the popularity of Hatsune Miku and so far Crypton is the only studio to have established a world tour of their Vocaloids.
Later, the CEO of Crypton Future Media appeared in San Francisco at the start of the San Francisco tour where the first Hatsune Miku concert was hosted in North America on September 18, 2010, featuring songs provided by the Miku software voice.[30][31] A second screening of the concert was on October 11, 2010 in the San Francisco Viz Cinema. A screening of the concert was also shown in New York City in the city's New York Anime Festival.[32] Hiroyuki Ito, and planner/producer, Wataru Sasaki, who were responsible for Miku's creation, attended an event on October 8, 2010 at the festival.[33][34] Videos of her performance are due to be released worldwide.[35]
On July 2, 2011, Miku's first concert performance in the United States will be held in NOKIA theatre in Los Angeles, California, during the Anime Expo 2011 event.

Name : Hatsune Miku
Age : 16 years
Height : 158 cm / 5.2 ft
Weight : 42 kg / 93 lbs
Suggested Genre : Pop/Dance
Suggested Tempo Range : 70~150bpm
Suggested Vocal Range : A3~E5


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