Monday, 11 June 2012

American Shorthair / Egyptian Mau

So, my friend showed me today a dog of the breed Akina Inu.
She wants to buy one.

Anyway, I was searching for cat breeds and decided that I just love the American Shorthair

and the Egyptian Mau.

Ow, so cute, so elegant! I want one of them (or, both)!
My only fear about cats, in general, is about their fur and how harmful it can prove to be.
Especially for kids.

* Note:
I also happened to find some absolutely awesome apps for iPhone, iPad and iTouch.
Take a look at the Cat Piano and the Human-to-Cat Translator.



  1. Hola amig@: He estado visitando tu blog y me ha parecido "genial", con buenos e interesantes datos.

    Quisiera compartir contigo y tus lectores más información relevante sobre la raza de Gato American Shorthair

    Espero que te guste mi espacio de "Perros y Gatos" y déjame un comentario si te apetece.

    Saludos desde España

    1. Thank you very much for your support! Even though I don't speak Spanish, sadly, I will visit your blog using Google Translate! I love cats and dogs and found it amazing!

      Greetings from Greece!