Monday, 25 June 2012

From barn owls to potions

 Over the past few weeks, we’ve been revealing some interesting facts about Pottermore on our Twitter account, including the most popular wizard pet (the barn owl), the most purchased item (pewter cauldron, size 2), and the item that’s gifted more often than any other (unicorn horn).

The Full Body-Bind has been cast successfully over 47,000,000 times – although there have only been 402,426 successful attempts at the Pimple Jinx.

Curious about who has posted the largest number of comments on Pottermore? To date, WillowSword90 (Ravenclaw) has posted an impressive 43,158 comments in the Moments, the Great Hall and their common room.

Lots of you have been attempting to brew potions; the most popular being the Wideye or Awakening Potion and the least popular being Herbicide. (ErisedHazel197 (Slytherin) is currently the most accomplished potion brewer on Pottermore – so far they’ve managed to brew 2,073 potions successfully!)



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