Tuesday, 8 March 2011


Right now it's SNOWING as you can see in the photo above! I'm sitting in our dining room with my laptop and a -cold right now- cup of tea and the curtains open watching outside the snow! I'm also sick! :p But, you know! Everything has its advantages and disadvantages! I didn't go to frod today, too! And probably I won't go to school tomorrow, if it keeps snowing like that! I have absolutely no problem with that, though. Today I went to school just because we were having a test!
Yesterday I couldn't sleep. It took me 3 quarters to fall asleep... :/ So, I got some sleep after 0.30am... :S AND, I woke up at 5am with a terrible headache! After that I couldn't sleep anymore.. :/ So, I stood up at 6am and fixed my hair... :p At 6.22am I was back to my bed... But, of course still couldn't relax. Horrible headache... :x
Right now the news show the snow in the whole country.. How cool! I'm gonna post a video of the news later, too! :D
^ There you can see X. and A. with their jackets and the snow! HOW COOL!!!
I met P. too, again today!
I'm recording the news, as usual! :p


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