Tuesday, 7 July 2009


How will you DIE?

Around the ripe old age of 29, you'll be sitting down to a hot meal...probably in prison. You've been passed around the place like a bag of oreos so your spirit is broken and the only thing that brings you pleasure is the mexican dish for lunch on tuesdays. This is tuesday, and halfway through your spicy burrito with extra pepper, you decide to drink some water. You didnt swallow quite right and you develop a bad case of hiccups. Just then the from the burrito will kick in and the pepper will sting your nostrils. What follows is a rare case of simultaneous hiccup, sneeze, and fart. This will cause your entire body to implode...then explode. Unfortunately the police will determine that your death is somehow a suicide and its a real shame you had to get raped a lot. sorry.

How will you DIE?
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