Wednesday, 8 July 2009

A Story About Darkness {Ch.2}

Ophelia woke up with a terrible headache. She wasn't used to fainting, even after being hit to the head, so she was quite surprised and angry at the same time. How could anyone be so harsh and hit a person while they look away? She had all those things into her mind when she noticed that she wasn't into her room. This new room was all black and the furniture's colour was mostly dark red. That was strange. She was a vampire, of course, but her own room wasn't so dark. She got up and tried to find for a window. She wanted to know if it was still night or not.

After some time of searching she decided that it would be more useful to risk and go outside the room. She approached the door and placed her ear on it. She could hear some whispers out of the room. But, she couldn't understand what they were talking about. She opened the door slowly and looked at the people that were in front of her now.

But... She couldn't call them "people". They seemed to be more like creatures of darkness like herself. She wasn't sure. "Who are you?" They just stared at her.

One second later they had vanished. Ophelia looked down at the hall wondering where they went. They probably wanted to inform somebody that she had woken up. She never was hesitant, so she took the decision towalk around and find out where she was.

Everything was dark and silent. Once again Ophelia heard whispers, but noone appeared. She found some stairs and headed to them. When she got down she saw another dark hall. Suddenly, a young man a little taller than her appeared before her eyes. She wasn't startled, though, as she had already felt him approaching her. He bowed and offered to her his hand. Ophelia continued to staring at him. She was waiting for explanations after all. "I'm so sorry, Ophelia, for taking you away from your house so suddenly and in that way. But, everything will be soon explained to you." He gave her a warm smile. "At least tell me your name. Don't you think I should know who is in front of me?" Ophelia said raising her hand to touch the man's. "Oh, yes. I'm sorry. I totally forgot it. I will introduce myself now then. I'm Zen and I will get you to Mister Chaos. But, please don't ask me for further information. He will give you explanations." Ophelia nodded and followed Zen, who held her hand tightly, into a much bigger hall, where another young man was waiting for them. Zen told her to not forget to bow before Mister Chaos, but he already knew that she wasn't going to obey. That was the reason why they had chosen her after all...

Ophelia looked right into Chaos' eyes. He walked closer to her and she asked him what they wanted to do to her. "Nothing my dear Ophelia." Came immediately the answer. "I just have an offer for you." Ophelia raised an eyebrow the way she did every time she was wondering what will happen next. "And..What that would be?" She stared deeply into Chaos' eyes trying to figure out what he was going to say. "Don't be impatient, Ophelia. You will soon understand what's going on and what this offer could be. For now, all you will know is that you are going to stay here for...I don't know for how much time, yet. But I will make sure that you will have a great time. You have already met Zen. He is my butler. And from now on, Echo, will accompany you everywhere you're going to." He showed a girl around Ophelia's age, who was standing behind him and then stopped looking back at Ophelia.

She hadn't interrupted him all this time. She was just thinking of possible ways to run away, escape, say something to show that they can't keep her here against her will. But, when she realised that he was not joking, she only wanted to cry.

Where were te other vampires? These people didn't look like herself. She was sure that they belonged to other species. She was so depressed, that she didn't even understand what Chaos told her before leaving. Echo and Zen led her back to her room and left her to sleep. That was what she needed most right now, although she had just woke up.

Where are you Salem? He was the only person she could think about before closing her eyes and sinking into a deep sleep without dreams.

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