Wednesday, 8 July 2009

A Story About Darkness {Ch.1}

It was a moonless night. The only noise inside the cemetery was the growl of the wolves hiding inside the forest.

Ophelia was running with all her strength. She was trying to get as far as she could. She wanted to forget. She couldn't stand it anymore. She was trying to avoid her own life. She didn't even turn to look back. She kept running and running like her whole life depended on how fast she could run. She could feel the shadows around her moving calmly as they did every time a living creature passed among the. She could hear their whispers. They were calling her once again. But this time she had the strength to ignore them and keep running. It was her Fear...

Ophelia woke up breathing heavilly. She could still feel her feet being in pain from her running. She raised her hand and swept the sweat off her forehead slowly. She couldn't think about anything else. She rubbed her cheek and felt there a scar. She got up and went to her wardrobe, opened the door and looked at her reflection in the mirror. The scar seemed to be fresh. It was strange, though. She couldn't remember where did she gat that. Even in her dream, she didn't see anything like that. She looked around the room and walked to the armchair where her black cat Aura was sleeping. Ophelia petted her fur trying to wake her up calmly. She, then, took her in her arms and moved slowly to the door of her bedroom. She went back to the armchair when she remembered that she should wear her robe before leaving her room.

Being a vampire, she knew very well what other people were thinking all the time. So, she never forgot that living in a mansion full of male vampires, she had to be careful on the way she was dressed. She was different from anyone else, though. When she was turned into a vampire, many years ago, something went wrong (she couldn't remember exactly, without knowing the reason) and the vampire who tried to turn her, died before being able to finish the procedure. So, she still had her reflection, unlike the rest of the vampires.

She opened the door and looked at the silent wall. It was dark and noone was around. She walked out of her room and closed the door behind her quietly. Aura was cuddling in her arms while Ophelia was going to the kitchen. She let Aura to the floor and opened the fringe. She threw a bottle of milk to her cat and took a bottle of blood for herself.

While she was drinking, she suddenly heard a voice whispering softly right next to her ear. "Morning my little Ophelia" She turned around to face Salem. He was smiling at her and she could look right through his eyes. She never had the chance before, ever since he was turned into a vampire. He was always so distant when other vampires where with them, even though they were friends when they were little and had been brought up together. They didn't have the chance to be alone very frequently. She was staring into the deep black eyes of Salem, remembering how they used to be light blue, when he decided that this was enough.

He moved towards the fringe and opened it rubbing the back of his head. "Oh. I forgot! Morning Salem..." She looked at him and them back to her bottle. She continued drinking. When she let on the table the bottle and looked over to Salem, she saw him watching her carefully. "What?" He was just staring at her.

"Where did you get that scar?" She shrugged moving towards him.

"I don't have the slightest idea." Salem put his hand carefully on her cheek and felt the scar. "It isn't deep. That's good..." Ophelia looked at him confused.

"Why? Why that's good?"

"Because it won't destroy your beautiful face, silly" He said patting Ophelia's head and playing with her hair. She took his hand and went outside. It was still night, so they wouldn't be in trouble with the sun. She sat on the grass and pulled him down with her. Salem sat besides her and looked at the full moon. "How comes everything is so quite?" Ophelia asked quietly. "Who knows?!" Came immediately Salem's answer. Ophelia shrugged and decided to watch the full moon without caring about anything else.

"It's going to get sunny here, soon, Ophelia." "So?..." "So, I suggest for us to go back into the mansion." Ophelia shrugged and got up taking the hand of Salem who had already been up. She was going to head towards the mansion when she heard a noise. Salem and Ophelia looked around them and then at each other. "Come with me." He commanded. "Where?" Ophelia asked. "We're going to check what that noise was." "I can go by myself, you know. I'm not a kid." Salem turned and looked into Ophelia's eyes. "I don't think you're a kid. I just want to protect you. And don't forget that I've been a vampire for more time than you. And a complete one, if you need me to remind you." She sighed hard and headed to where he was going before he turned. Salem followed her looking around.

They could both feel a strange presence approaching them.

They heard the noise again, louder this time and they started running towards it.

Suddenly, something hit Ophelia's forehead and she fell to the ground.

She could hear next to her ear the noise once again and the voice of Salem calling her. But, everything started going black slowly.

She caught just a few more words... "Ophelia... Ophelia! OPHELIA!!!"

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