Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Συννεφούλα, συννεφούλα

It's cloudy today! Not all day long! There are just many clouds! And for an hour or so it's really cloudy! No sun has come out for awhile! No prob for me, of course :D
I admit, I have an uncanny 7nth (o.0') sense when it comes to cloudy days!
Whenever the sun is slightly covered, I can tell the difference instantly (or it could just be the sense of sight, generally...)

It was supposed to rain today in Crete... I'm wondering what happened!
I wish it rained here, too! Ooooh, I've missed rain so much! So so so much!
I've double missed it, as Georgia Nicolson says ;D I got onsessed with the book?? :O

Well well well. I have to admit (I say that an awful lot today :p) that I don't really like that song. It reminds me of my junior high school experiences which contain of a crazy hippie teacher learning [scratch that! TRYING to learn] us how to play the flute! I'm sooo hopeless when it comes to playing mucis -- or doing anything artistic, for that matter!

I'm not an artistic person, so? Sue me!


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