Thursday, 11 August 2011

Tweet on holidays!

Photos to come soon, because right now I'm sitting in a strange position trying to avoid a sun burn while fighting for a little internet connection!

Anyway, I have my almost typical but nonetheless perfect holidays!
I'm also going out with my cousins, something I never fail to enjoy!
Some cousin-bonding this summer I had!

Today the sun has many clouds, although in the majority it's a sunny day! Something I don't really like! But, you know! When you go to the sea you usually want to sunbathe! And I have to admit that although I loooove cloudy days, it's not somkething I'm actually used to when I'm swimming! But I'm sure that even today we'll have some clouds, tomorrow willn be as sunny as ever! So, I'm determined to enjoy it while it lasts!

The thing is, every time I come here I get semi-addicted in something! Always different every year! Last year it was Second Life, this year it is Twitter!
Well, not bad, 'cause I had forgotten my poor Twit-account, but it's scary! The way I'm influenced!

Anyway I'm gonna go back inside now, 'cause I started sweating... Pfff...

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