Monday, 29 August 2011

Home Sweet Home? And back out the door.

Yesterday we were travelling!
As soon as we hit the Greek familiar roads after a somewhat-more-than-6-hour trip I felt a wave of nostalgia surge through me. A month of holidays was capable of doing that. What would a furthered absence make to me?
But, I'll return to that later!

At last, I'm home!
Back home! I missed it! And just realized that after so much time passed reading while I were on holidays, now I'm kind of tired... Or maybe that's probably the book's I'm trying to finish right now, fault.

My holidays were good! I haven't even be able to unpack yet...
Too lazy, too tired since I'm up from 8 o'clock, in the morning... :/
And I'm aching for TV! I'm longing to watch something -- anything! Even a silly, according to some, TV series, or a bad-boy movie, I would never think I could want so much to watch before!
And although now I have some quality internet connection, I can't find a proper way to use it... :O
That's probably because I had even less than 12 hours to make up my mind, relax and just enjoy being back home!

The ship arrived almost at 8 thirty yesterday evening in Pireus, but we got stuck in the garage so we finally got out around 9.
So, we were back home pretty late, as you can probably guess.
And, today at 7:58am I was awaken by an anxious mother who wanted to know the results before even having woken up properly!

So, at around 8, and after a less-than-7-hour sleep I learned that no sooner than I came back home, I have to go back where I came from, to look for a new house, get settled with new (or not) furnitures and my clothes and objects, learn some more about the city, the transport, the buildings, and even housekeeping...
And, the reason?

I passed on the University of Crete!

From September I'll be heading back to Crete, where I also spent my holidays up 'till something less than 30 hours ago! Ooof, so tiring...

But, everything happens for a reason! SO! We look up, see the advantages!
And, there are plenty ;D

PPK - Resurrection


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