Wednesday, 31 August 2011

My Lil' Monsters

Οι Κυρίες Διδυμούλες
An example of Little Men & Little Miss is this sweet photo that shows the yellow, round twins with the blue bowknot on their heads! The reason why I wasn't so obsessed with these series (although I have way more comic books of them than those of Little Monsters) is because they never reminded me of actual human beings! The stories were good and all, they passed good, valuable messages and were nice to be read from a young kid, but you couldn't identify with the characters much! How could you, with a yellow ball that just happens to have hands and legs (along with eyes, nose, mouth and some accesories)?

So, that's the reason why I love so much Little Monsters! They are sooo sweet, kid-like characters that do silly stuff! It's like making your own imaginative class that contains so different, but so the same, after all, kids!
As I've already noted my fave character is Amelia [and, I mean her greek-edition name], but since I couldn't find on Goodreads (or, anywhere else, for that matter) any photo of hers, I present to you Margot Lina! My second favorite! Her Greek name is Lina Draculina, which is quite appropriate as she resembles Dracula or a huge fan of his!

Generally, I have to admit, while usually I don't like the greek translations of foreign books (come on, you have to admit that a translator hasn't the same spirit of the plot, the characters, the book, like the author him/herself. It lacks something very important for every good piece of work!), Modern Times (the Editions that published Little Monsters and Mr.Men & Little Miss here in Greece) did an extraordianry job! The names of the books, and of the characters are just perfect and far more creative than those of the english editions! They rhyme, actually, in the case of the lil'monsters [e.g. Lina i Draculina, Amelia i Telia, Minoas o Iroas, etc etc]. Quite cool!

Λίνα η Δρακουλίνα


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