Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Home is where the heart is...

Ok, so, Blogger thinks about changing, huh? It's obvious!
It's quite weird 'cause I am not used to it quite yet, but anyway!
Windows Live must be prepairing some changes, too. It's sooo slow, it shows that I have no unread emails [and believe me, I have tons of them. I'm lazy, what can I say? :) ]

So, the thing is, today, like every other day for the coming weeks (:O) I'll be going window-shopping for new furniture. Which ones will stay to the "new home" and which are going to come with me when I finish my studies, remains a mystery.

But, for now, all I have to do is choose some good ones that will definitely come back with me. Back... Well, wherever I go next. My studies just began -scratch that, they're going to begin just now, is way better- , so I can't be absolutely sure about my future plans, just yet anyway.

What I mean is, you should first study as an under-graduate and when you finally graduate then you can think about your post-graduate studies. You can't make many plans in advance. Because one of the very, very few things I know, is that you can never be sre about anything. Life tends to surprise us every day! Which is the happiness of never being bored. Either in a good, either in a bad way. But, as you know, everything happens for a reason, so be confident that things will eventually work out for the best whenever something bad happens. We just have to learn and/or experience something like this.

Okay, I should must stop with all the philosophy for now.

Anyway, my main thought right now is how I can probably make the "new home" more cozy and home-look-like. 'Cause I can't really stay in a place for at least 3 years if I'm not feeling well once inside.
Do you have any idea that cold probably help me?? *

Everything will have hints of my fave colours, of course!
And furniture that I like and have approved of, with colours that remind me of home.
I also want to buy a board -magnetic, or not- where I can stick my favorite photos of my favorite people, the notes they have given to me, the noted I want to keep -with post-its, or not-!
And, let's hope for the best.

We'll soon find out where my heart belongs to. For now...

* P.S. Feel free to post any comments you want to share with me! I found how to check on them today! :D


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