Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Cloudy yes! Colder nope!

The weather is supposed to get "worse" for these 3 days (today and the 2 next). Although, I peronally prefer it that way!
By the way, it's quite busy today for me. I have packing, emailing, editing, finishing-jobs to do. Pff..
And I also want to just stop and stare at the clouds.

This song was always one of fave. It's so moving and I just love it!

Anyway, I wonder if our trip will be easy or not. I have to not forget anything here, because I can get crazy if I don't have all my personal stuff with me. Also, will the weather be good? I won't mind if it starts raining, though.
I love rain.
And I'm rumbling... :O

The stress we've been talking about, huh??

Gosh, what am I doing in front of the pc?? :O



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