Thursday, 15 September 2011

Married, deceived, dead

Being Elizabeth Bennet: Create Your Own Jane Austen Adventure Yesterday the new books I had ordered arrived and I'm ultra-happy, although I've decided to -force myself to- take a break from reading so many books for the time being (this summer I've been reading a book every couple days). So, altough among the books arrived are many that I can't wait to read, I decided to start that one, which cannot be read in the original way.

Being Elizabeth Bennet - Create your own Jane Austen Adventure is exactly what the title suggests. A "Create your own adventure" book. I just LOVE those kind of books, because I like interacting with the heroes like I'M the actual star.

I've always seeking books or stories with this particular style of writing. I've found many through internet, but it;s just so much better to actually have an interactive book like that.

The only disadvanatges were that in some points I couldn't quite focus to what I was reading, because I couldn't really understand everything. It was written in Jane Austen's language, as it's very natural, but to which I'm not very used. And in some points I got the impression that the author -through "my" unconsiousness, I guess- was a little too mean. :/ Last, but not least, I lost many presious INTELLIGENCE points, just because I didn't know some stuff from that particular era.

But anyway. The thing is, that I actually took the adventure an overall of 4 times. Everytime I got to an end, though I cheated. I didn't go from the beginning, because that would require too much of time of my part, I just chose the other selection. So! My results??

1. Got married because I couldn't take anymore the behaviour of that person, and then realized I had been deceived, so I died shortly afterwars because of my distress. Failed my misson.

2. Got murdured by a jealous rival who didn't want me to get married to the person she also wanted. Failed.

3. Got married to someone whom the author -supposedly my unconsiousness?- obviously didn't approve of. (She made it pretty clear, with all that "your average wedding" stuff. :/). Nonetheless, I achieved my mission.

4. Finally, after completing all 5 stages of the book, got married to the one everyone approved of, although once again got the impression that Emma Cmpbell Webster would give a totally different ending -but not The End- to Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice. Achieved.


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