Tuesday, 24 April 2012

House+Sign Analysis : Slytherin Gemini

Slytherin in the natural house of the Gemini, as both are good at blending in and shedding their skin to fit any mold. The combination of the two makes them a wildfire of ambition, ready to strike at any moment to get what they desire. They have a knack for talking to people, and convincing them of whatever they wish to convince them of, and this helps them slide through any situation easily. Both the Snake and the Twins are emotional, but they wish to hide any sign of that. Their fire can get in the way of their relationships, and when they realize their failures they can find themselves in a strong state of sadness, but they don’t let them keep that from doing what they want. Slytherin Geminis are not flies on the wall and they will stay confident even if they feel they’ve been pushed to the floor.

{Source:  http://ianisourqueen.tumblr.com/tagged/gemini/page/2 }


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