Tuesday, 24 April 2012

I won't leave the post 'till I have my Patronus!... Or, not.

A big part of the reasons why I got sorted into Slytherin in Pottermore is because I can get pretty determined when I want/need to accomplish something.
So, I see 'discovering what my patronus is' as a challenge. A tough one. That requires much thought and  self-actualization.

So, the results I've gotten on the quizzes I took were:

Tiger (x2)

I decided to take into consideration the thoughts of ianisourqueen.tumblr.com, too.
So, out of 44 possible patronus that have been posted so far, only 9 are most common in Slytherin and 9 in the Gemini star sign. From these, only 4 are common to Slytherins who are Geminis.
And, these are:


I can already cross out of this list the Fox considering I got very low scores about this animal in the quizzes I took. In one I even got 0%.

Next is Tiger, which I've got as a result twice. Remains on the list.
Cheetah is much like Tiger in some aspects, so remains, too.

About Buzzard I'm not as sure, but I'll give it a chance and read ianisourqueen's analysis about it, too.

Cheetah and Buzzard are the most pretty, though.

Hmm, let's see which fits my personality.


After more than half hour and much reading and roaming through the internet passed, I can proudly say that I'm more inclined to the felines. specifically Tiger, Cheetah and Lynx. Yeah, this one is a new, but could really suit my personality. Let me think about it some more...


Ow... I can't decide yet... Pff... Another post will come.

EDIT (1.9.2012) :  The site has moved to > http://azriels.tumblr.com/tagged/psychom


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