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Psychoanalysis of Slytherin students.

 Hogwarts Psychoanalysis by House and Typology : #004 Slytherin

If you do not know what typology is, or you do not know your own typology, please go here before continuing on below.

Slytherins in this type have a strong enthusiasm which carries them through life. They seem to be full of energy constantly, and never stop moving. They tend toward social aspects of life, and the impact they have on others is what tends to drive them throughout their days.

Healer Slytherins are extremely loyal, and a bit like quiet soldiers. They are dedicated to whatever it is that they choose to do, but they don’t want to be advocates about it. They would rather wait until they have to show their loyalty, and they will do anything in their power. They can appear distant at times, because they tend to avoid too much interaction. They can become attached to others easily, and if they do this they will feel overwhelmed by obligation.

Teacher Slytherins seem to have the keen ability to motivate others simply by their nature. They have a strong air of confidence, and this makes those around them quite positive. They enjoy having this ability, because having such strong influence gives them a very great sense of satisfaction. They are friendly and fun-loving, but they also tend to have a bit of a paternal instinct, trying to help others who are making questionable decisions.

Slytherins within this type are ideal observers, watching those around them and taking in everything they do and say. They can learn very much about a person through these methods, and if is requested, help a person through a trial through the information gathered. They are brilliant listeners, but tend to be extremely quiet compared to other snakes.

Slytherins within the Supervisor frame of mine are among the most driven individuals there are in the world. No matter what it is they are doing, they have always planned ten steps ahead from their current location. They dream big, and they have a burning desire to make a name for themselves. Usually, this involves a strong social factor, and these are the Slytherins which you would see going for important positions in the political world, or trying to be actively involved in a cause they feel close to. Contrary to the stereotype the snake is often given, these folks have big hearts.

Individuals within this type do not outwardly show the same ambition and vigor as do Slytherins of other types. They tend to keep things within themselves, not feeling it necessary for others to know what they are thinking. Despite this, they are mentally some of the most enthusiastic Slytherins that there are. While not being too showy about it, these are often the people that contribute the most to group occasions, as they have a strong need to prove what they can do. That’s not to say impressing others with their abilities, but assuring themselves, as their confidence is everything to them.

Slytherins in this type could be easily considered a textbook activist. They have strong hearts and their drive is much more a emotional tug than a needful one, so they tend to find something they connect to, and dedicate themselves to it. Environmentalists, charity organizers, many of these people are what you could consider to be an ESFJ Slytherin. While social and kind, they can at times also seem to come off too strong for the liking of others, though they rarely comprehend why this is.

Perhaps one of the most common types within Slytherin house, these individuals are extremely loyal to their blood. Their protective aspects shine through what they believe to be theirs, as they will fight tooth and nail to keep it. Within the world of Hogwarts, this could be shown through the family ties within Slytherin house, as these are individuals that will do whatever is asked of them by family, no questions asked. This makes them come off as very impulsive, and tends to give them a strong black and white moral standing.

ENTP Slytherins tend to be a bit like salesmen, always thinking of a new approach to something, and using this to their advantage. They have a strong desire to influence others, and this is quite often what leads them into new opportunities themselves. They are very social, and want to have a large circle of acquaintances which they can persuade.

Slytherins of this type are extremely intelligent, and like to express their thoughts to those around them. They have many theories on the world, and they want them to be known so that they can be used in the future. They have the strong intuition that they are bound to make a difference, whether it be for one person, for themselves, or for the entire universe. They are certain that they are bound for greatness.

Many of the Slytherins which are considered to be “evil” could very well fit into this type. The ambition of these individuals is strong, and they have the ability to look at a situation so keenly that they know exactly what to do and when to do it. They have sharp tongues, and this give them extra ability to get what they want. They can sometimes overlook the needs of others in the middle of their mission, and this is what can at times make them misunderstood.

Slytherins within this type are extremely intellectual, and radiating with confidence. They tend to have great talent, and they are aware of it, to such a degree that to some they seem to be very egotistical. They can have a bluntness to them and a dry sense of humour. This makes them appear a bit unfriendly to others, but they rarely let this affect them in anyway.

Common in Slytherin house people within this type have a influential nature and a wicked tongue. They have the natural ability to be persuasive, and tend to have many friends or admirers due to this. Brilliant with words, making their point is not difficult for them, and this makes them great salespeople or workers within the field of law. They are very social, and have a way of making people feel comfortable around them. They are simultaneously independent, however, and can pull away if need be.

These Crafters, rather than speaking of actual physical tools, tend to use their own mind as their weapon of choice. They are strongly invested in their own needs, not so much selfishness, they just feel the need to take care of themselves, no matter what may entail. They will analyze every situation, opportunity, and relationship in their life, and come to the conclusion of what path would be the best for them. They are extremely self-assured, and this can come off as cockiness to some.

Slytherins of this type thrive off of what could be described as cut throat competition. They have a strong need to be at the top of the world and in the center of attention, and they are quite willing to go to extremes to get it. They are incredibly self-confident, and want to show off the talent that they know they have. To some this may come off as annoying or pushy, but Slytherin Performers often try to shrug this off. They feel that one blow to their confidence could sabotage them.

Composer Slytherins practically have the ability to pick up the world, pick it apart and take what they want, and then put it back down again. They are great at seeing the big picture, but picking out the small details they want from it. They have their own way of working and methods some may find eccentric. This makes little difference to them, as they tend to be absorbed in their own minds.

Slytherins within this type are extremely intellectual, and radiating with confidence. They tend to have great talent, and they are aware of it, to such a degree that to some they seem to be very egotistical. They can have a bluntness to them and a dry sense of humour. This makes them appear a bit unfriendly to others, but they rarely let this affect them in anyway.

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