Wednesday, 18 April 2012


I'm happy to say that Pottermore, the unique Harry Potter experience, has opened since 14 April 2012. Of course, as soon as I found out I signed up as a member!

In the beginning, you just go through th first chapters following the instructions.
You should play with the arrows on your keyboard and click on specific items.
At first I felt a little at a lose because it was nothing like other games I was used to.
But, slowly I got totally hooked.

So, basically it's a journey through the Harry Potter books, ollowing the steps of the young wizard.
Right from the beginning 'till the end of the first book. The second book, Chamber of Secrets, hasn't been released just yet. We don't really know when that's gonna happen, but this is a chance for us to explore the first book more than once and find all its hidden items and aspects.

Actually, this isn't the only thing you can do as a member of PM (Pottermore, for short).
When a member you can duel with other wizards and witches by casting spells, make potions, talk with your fellow classmates on the message boards in the Great Hall or in the House to which you've been sorted. And, generally, gain house points in order to contribute to your house's total points. We're competing for the Cup, after all!

The only drawback, actually, is that the only way to communicate with your classmates is through these message boards. But, that's better for those that might have other things on mind, rather than playing this awesome game.

If you wish to add me and/or challenge me, my username is UnicornHowl10952.


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